1. Hello, World

Hello, World 

This page assumes you’ve installed sbt 0.13.13 or later.

sbt new command 

If you’re using sbt 0.13.13 or later, you can use sbt new command to quickly setup a simple Hello world build. Type the following command to the terminal.

$ sbt new sbt/scala-seed.g8
Minimum Scala build.

name [My Something Project]: hello

Template applied in ./hello

When prompted for the project name, type hello.

This will create a new project under a directory named hello.

Running your app 

Now from inside the hello directory, start sbt and type run at the sbt shell. On Linux or OS X the commands might look like this:

$ cd hello
$ sbt
> run
[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to /xxx/hello/target/scala-2.12/classes...
[info] Running example.Hello

We will see more tasks later.

Exiting sbt shell 

To leave sbt shell, type exit or use Ctrl+D (Unix) or Ctrl+Z (Windows).

> exit

Build definition 

The build definition goes in a file called build.sbt, located in the project’s base directory. You can take a look at the file, but don’t worry if the details of this build file aren’t clear yet. In .sbt build definition you’ll learn more about how to write a build.sbt file.