1. Console Project

Console Project 


The consoleProject task starts the Scala interpreter with access to your project definition and to sbt. Specifically, the interpreter is started up with these commands already executed:

import sbt._
import Keys._
import <your-project-definition>._
import currentState._
import extracted._
import cpHelpers._

For example, running external processes with sbt’s process library (to be included in the standard library in Scala 2.9):

> "tar -zcvf project-src.tar.gz src" !
> "find project -name *.jar" !
> "cat build.sbt" #| "grep version" #> new File("sbt-version") !
> "grep -r null src" #|| "echo null-free" !
> uri("http://databinder.net/dispatch/About").toURL #> file("About.html") !

consoleProject can be useful for creating and modifying your build in the same way that the Scala interpreter is normally used to explore writing code. Note that this gives you raw access to your build. Think about what you pass to IO.delete, for example.

Accessing settings 

To get a particular setting, use the form:

> val value = (<scope> / <key>).eval


> IO.delete( (Compile / classesDirectory).eval )

Show current compile options:

> (Compile / scalacOptions).eval foreach println

Show additionally configured repositories.

> resolvers.eval foreach println

Evaluating tasks 

To evaluate a task (and its dependencies), use the same form:

> val value = (<scope> / <key>).eval


Show all repositories, including defaults.

> fullResolvers.eval foreach println

Show the classpaths used for compilation and testing:

> (Compile / fullClasspath).eval.files foreach println
> (Test / fullClasspath).eval.files foreach println


The current build State is available as currentState. The contents of currentState are imported by default and can be used without qualification.


Show the remaining commands to be executed in the build (more interesting if you invoke consoleProject like ; consoleProject ; clean ; compile):

> remainingCommands

Show the number of currently registered commands:

> definedCommands.size