Release 1.2.0

See the 1.2.0 milestone for the full list of related tickets and PRs.


  1. Support for Hugo site generation. Thanks @timperrett!
  2. Added excludeFilter support to GitBook generator. Thanks @jonas!
  3. Added previewAuto command, which launches a dynamic HTML server updating content with each modification in site source. Thanks @gsechaud! Note: This change includes an upgrade of the unfiltered depenency. Please let us know of any incompatibilities with other plugins that might be caused by this change.
  4. Bump Paradox to version 0.2.7 by @jonas
  5. Improve support for GitBook version 3.x.x. #83 by @jonas
  6. Paradox-based documentation site at with improved examples. #84, #55@jonas
  7. Auto generation/publishing of docs via TravisCI by @jonas
  8. Updated release process docs by @metasim


  1. Fix default settings for Paradox. #74, #80 by @jonas
  2. Fix default GitBook mappings to not include .git and .gitignore. #67 by @jonas