Coverage Services

Examples of uploading to Coveralls and Codecov can be found in the example project: stringbean/sbt-jacoco-example


If you have a public project built with Travis-CI you will just need to enable the Coveralls plugin:


Then run sbt jacocoCoveralls to upload the results to Coveralls:

[info] Uploading coverage to
[info] Upload complete

For private projects you will need to set a few more settings:

jacocoCoverallsServiceName := "jenkins"
jacocoCoverallsJobId := sys.env("BUILD_ID")
jacocoCoverallsRepoToken := "<repo token on>"

More settings can found at Coveralls Plugin settings.


The Codecov uploader script will upload coverage automatically if the XML formatter is enabled. For example:

jacocoReportSettings := JacocoReportSettings(
  "Jacoco Coverage Report",
  Seq(JacocoReportFormats.ScalaHTML, JacocoReportFormats.XML), // note XML formatter

With this enabled run the Codecov script after JaCoCo:

sbt jacoco
bash <(curl -s
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