package util

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractLogger extends Logger
  2. class BasicCache[I, O] extends Cache[I, O]

    Simple key-value cache.

  3. trait BasicCacheImplicits extends AnyRef
  4. trait Cache[I, O] extends AnyRef

    A simple cache with keys of type I and values of type O

  5. trait CacheImplicits extends BasicCacheImplicits with BasicJsonProtocol
  6. sealed trait CacheResult[K] extends AnyRef

    The result of a cache query

  7. abstract class CacheStore extends Input with Output

    A CacheStore is used by the caching infrastructure to persist cached information.

  8. abstract class CacheStoreFactory extends AnyRef

    Factory that can make new stores.

  9. trait ChangeReport[T] extends AnyRef

    The result of comparing some current set of objects against a previous set of objects.

  10. final class ControlEvent extends LogEvent
  11. class Difference extends Tracked
  12. class DirectoryStoreFactory[J] extends CacheStoreFactory

    A factory that creates new stores persisted in base.

  13. class EmptyChangeReport[T] extends ChangeReport[T]
  14. class FileBasedStore[J] extends CacheStore

    A CacheStore that persists information in file.

  15. sealed trait FileInfo extends AnyRef
  16. class FileInput extends Input
  17. class FileOutput extends Output
  18. final case class FilesInfo[F <: FileInfo] extends Product with Serializable
  19. sealed trait HashFileInfo extends FileInfo
  20. sealed trait HashModifiedFileInfo extends HashFileInfo with ModifiedFileInfo
  21. case class Hit[O](value: O) extends CacheResult[O] with Product with Serializable

    A successful hit on the cache

  22. trait Input extends Closeable
  23. final class Log extends LogEvent
  24. sealed trait LogEvent extends AnyRef
  25. sealed abstract class LogExchange extends AnyRef
  26. abstract class Logger extends xsbti.Logger

    This is intended to be the simplest logging interface for use by code that wants to log.

    This is intended to be the simplest logging interface for use by code that wants to log. It does not include configuring the logger.

  27. sealed trait LoggerContext extends AutoCloseable

    Provides a context for generating loggers during task evaluation.

    Provides a context for generating loggers during task evaluation. The logger context can be initialized for a single command evaluation run and all of the resources created (such as cached logger appenders) can be cleaned up after task evaluation. This trait evolved out of LogExchange when it became clear that it was very difficult to manage the loggers and appenders without introducing memory leaks.

  28. case class Miss[O](update: (O) ⇒ Unit) extends CacheResult[O] with Product with Serializable

    A cache miss.

    A cache miss. update associates the missing key with O in the cache.

  29. sealed trait ModifiedFileInfo extends FileInfo
  30. final case class NoJsonWriter[A]() extends OptJsonWriter[A] with Product with Serializable
  31. sealed trait OptJsonWriter[A] extends AnyRef
  32. trait OptJsonWriter0 extends AnyRef
  33. trait Output extends Closeable
  34. sealed trait PlainFileInfo extends FileInfo
  35. class PlainInput[J] extends Input
  36. class PlainOutput[J] extends Output
  37. final class SetLevel extends LogEvent
  38. final class SetSuccess extends LogEvent
  39. final class SetTrace extends LogEvent
  40. trait Show[A] extends AnyRef
  41. trait ShowLines[A] extends AnyRef
  42. trait SingletonCache[A] extends AnyRef

    A cache that stores a single value.

  43. final case class SomeJsonWriter[A](value: JsonWriter[A]) extends OptJsonWriter[A] with Product with Serializable
  44. class StreamBasedStore[J] extends CacheStore

    A store that reads from inputStream and writes to outputStream.

  45. final class Success extends LogEvent
  46. class Timestamp extends Tracked
  47. final class Trace extends LogEvent
  48. trait Tracked extends AnyRef
  49. class Changed[O] extends Tracked

    (Since version 1.0.1) Use Tracked.inputChanged and Tracked.outputChanged instead

Value Members

  1. object Cache
  2. object CacheImplicits extends CacheImplicits
  3. object CacheStore
  4. object CacheStoreFactory
  5. object ChangeReport
  6. object ControlEvent extends Enumeration
  7. object Difference
  8. object FileFunction
  9. object FileInfo
  10. object FilesInfo extends Serializable
  11. object HashFileInfo
  12. object HashModifiedFileInfo
  13. object InterfaceUtil
  14. object Level extends Enumeration

    An enumeration defining the levels available for logging.

    An enumeration defining the levels available for logging. A level includes all of the levels with id larger than its own id. For example, Warn (id=3) includes Error (id=4).

  15. object LogExchange extends LogExchange
  16. object Logger
  17. object LoggerContext
  18. object ModifiedFileInfo
  19. object OptJsonWriter extends OptJsonWriter0
  20. object PlainFileInfo
  21. object Show
  22. object ShowLines
  23. object SingletonCache
  24. object StampedFormat extends BasicJsonProtocol
  25. object Tracked