package ivy

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait CircularDependencyLevel extends AnyRef

    Wrapper around circular dependency strategy.

  2. sealed trait Credentials extends AnyRef
  3. final class DirectCredentials extends Credentials
  4. final class ExternalIvyConfiguration extends IvyConfiguration with Serializable
  5. trait ExternalIvyConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  6. final class FileCredentials extends Credentials
  7. final class InlineIvyConfiguration extends IvyConfiguration with Serializable
  8. trait InlineIvyConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  9. abstract class IvyConfiguration extends Serializable
  10. trait IvyConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  11. class IvyDependencyResolution extends DependencyResolutionInterface
  12. trait IvyLibraryManagementCodec extends BasicJsonProtocol with LibraryManagementCodec with GlobalLockFormat with LoggerFormat with UpdateOptionsFormat with IvyPathsFormats with ResolverFormats with ModuleConfigurationFormats with InlineIvyConfigurationFormats with ExternalIvyConfigurationFormats with IvyConfigurationFormats
  13. final class IvyPaths extends Serializable
  14. trait IvyPathsFormats extends AnyRef
  15. class IvyPublisher extends PublisherInterface
  16. final class UpdateOptions extends AnyRef

    Represents configurable options for update task.

    Represents configurable options for update task. While UpdateConfiguration is passed into update at runtime, UpdateOption is intended to be used while setting up the Ivy object.

    See also UpdateConfiguration in IvyActions.scala.

Value Members

  1. object CircularDependencyLevel
  2. object Credentials
  3. object ExternalIvyConfiguration extends Serializable
  4. object InlineIvyConfiguration extends Serializable
  5. object IvyConfiguration extends Serializable
  6. object IvyDefaults

    This is a list of functions with default values.

  7. object IvyDependencyResolution
  8. object IvyLibraryManagementCodec extends IvyLibraryManagementCodec
  9. object IvyPaths extends Serializable
  10. object IvyPublisher
  11. object UpdateOptions