package codec

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Type Members

  1. trait BspCompileResultFormats extends AnyRef
  2. trait BspConnectionDetailsFormats extends AnyRef
  3. trait BuildClientCapabilitiesFormats extends AnyRef
  4. trait BuildServerCapabilitiesFormats extends AnyRef
  5. trait BuildTargetCapabilitiesFormats extends AnyRef
  6. trait BuildTargetFormats extends AnyRef
  7. trait BuildTargetIdentifierFormats extends AnyRef
  8. trait CleanCacheParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  9. trait CleanCacheResultFormats extends AnyRef
  10. trait CompileParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  11. trait CompileProviderFormats extends AnyRef
  12. trait CompileReportFormats extends AnyRef
  13. trait CompileTaskFormats extends AnyRef
  14. trait DebugSessionAddressFormats extends AnyRef
  15. trait DebugSessionParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  16. trait DependencySourcesItemFormats extends AnyRef
  17. trait DependencySourcesParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  18. trait DependencySourcesResultFormats extends AnyRef
  19. trait DiagnosticFormats extends AnyRef
  20. trait InitializeBuildParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  21. trait InitializeBuildResultFormats extends AnyRef
  22. trait JsonProtocol extends BasicJsonProtocol with BuildTargetIdentifierFormats with BuildTargetCapabilitiesFormats with JValueFormats with BuildTargetFormats with DebugSessionAddressFormats with DebugSessionParamsFormats with TaskIdFormats with TextDocumentIdentifierFormats with PositionFormats with RangeFormats with DiagnosticFormats with BuildClientCapabilitiesFormats with InitializeBuildParamsFormats with CompileProviderFormats with TestProviderFormats with RunProviderFormats with BuildServerCapabilitiesFormats with InitializeBuildResultFormats with PublishDiagnosticsParamsFormats with WorkspaceBuildTargetsResultFormats with SourcesParamsFormats with SourceItemFormats with SourcesItemFormats with SourcesResultFormats with DependencySourcesParamsFormats with DependencySourcesItemFormats with DependencySourcesResultFormats with TaskStartParamsFormats with TaskProgressParamsFormats with TaskFinishParamsFormats with CompileParamsFormats with BspCompileResultFormats with CleanCacheParamsFormats with CleanCacheResultFormats with CompileTaskFormats with CompileReportFormats with TestParamsFormats with TestResultFormats with RunParamsFormats with RunResultFormats with ScalaBuildTargetFormats with SbtBuildTargetFormats with ScalacOptionsParamsFormats with ScalacOptionsItemFormats with ScalacOptionsResultFormats with BspConnectionDetailsFormats with MetalsMetadataFormats with ScalaTestClassesItemFormats with ScalaTestParamsFormats with ScalaTestClassesParamsFormats with ScalaTestClassesResultFormats with ScalaMainClassesParamsFormats with ScalaMainClassFormats with ScalaMainClassesItemFormats with ScalaMainClassesResultFormats with ResourcesParamsFormats with ResourcesItemFormats with ResourcesResultFormats
  23. trait MetalsMetadataFormats extends AnyRef
  24. trait PositionFormats extends AnyRef
  25. trait PublishDiagnosticsParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  26. trait RangeFormats extends AnyRef
  27. trait ResourcesItemFormats extends AnyRef
  28. trait ResourcesParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  29. trait ResourcesResultFormats extends AnyRef
  30. trait RunParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  31. trait RunProviderFormats extends AnyRef
  32. trait RunResultFormats extends AnyRef
  33. trait SbtBuildTargetFormats extends AnyRef
  34. trait ScalaBuildTargetFormats extends AnyRef
  35. trait ScalaMainClassFormats extends AnyRef
  36. trait ScalaMainClassesItemFormats extends AnyRef
  37. trait ScalaMainClassesParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  38. trait ScalaMainClassesResultFormats extends AnyRef
  39. trait ScalaTestClassesItemFormats extends AnyRef
  40. trait ScalaTestClassesParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  41. trait ScalaTestClassesResultFormats extends AnyRef
  42. trait ScalaTestParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  43. trait ScalacOptionsItemFormats extends AnyRef
  44. trait ScalacOptionsParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  45. trait ScalacOptionsResultFormats extends AnyRef
  46. trait SourceItemFormats extends AnyRef
  47. trait SourcesItemFormats extends AnyRef
  48. trait SourcesParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  49. trait SourcesResultFormats extends AnyRef
  50. trait TaskFinishParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  51. trait TaskIdFormats extends AnyRef
  52. trait TaskProgressParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  53. trait TaskStartParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  54. trait TestParamsFormats extends AnyRef
  55. trait TestProviderFormats extends AnyRef
  56. trait TestResultFormats extends AnyRef
  57. trait TextDocumentIdentifierFormats extends AnyRef
  58. trait WorkspaceBuildTargetsResultFormats extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object JsonProtocol extends JsonProtocol