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Get Involved

How can I get help?  

For community support we recommend StackOverflow's sbt tag:

  • State the problem or question clearly and provide enough context. Code examples and build.sbt are often useful when appropriately edited.

There's also the #sbt channel on Scala Discord where users hang out.

How can I help?  

sbt is an open source project and everyone is encouraged to get involved! Join the community of developers building sbt and related tools like Play.


Follow @scala_sbt on twitter for updates.

Contribute to StackOverflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers. Asking and answering questions on StackOverflow's sbt tag is a great way to share knowledge about sbt. Users can vote on each others' contributions and earn reputation points.

Report bugs

When you find a bug in sbt we want to hear about it! Your bug reports play an important part in making sbt more reliable and usable. sbt uses GitHub to track issues. The developers need three things from you: Steps, Problems, and Expectations. See #327 and #831 for example.


When you report bugs, make sure to distinguish facts and opinions. What we need first is the exact Steps to reproduce your problems on our computers. If not reproducible tests, include build.sbt, version numbers, your method of running sbt, example code, or anything else you think might help. If we cannot reproduce the problem in one way or the other, the problem can't be fixed. Telling us the error messages is not enough.


Next, describe the Problems, or what you think is the problem. It might be obvious to you that it's a problem, but it could actually be an intentional behavior.


The same goes for Expectations. Describe what you think should've happened.


Add an optional Notes section to describe your analysis.

Create plugins

Plugins extend the power of sbt and Play. Writing a new plugin is often easier than patching sbt's core code. Check out the list of community plugins.

plugin and sbt core development is discussed on the sbt-dev list and on GitHub Discussions. You can ask on the list or the chat if you have any questions regarding plugin and sbt core development.

Patch the core

sbt's code is hosted on GitHub sbt/sbt repository, and sbt's documentation (including this page) is on sbt/website repository.

You are welcome to work on any feature you like, but if you'd like some good ideas