package protocol

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Type Members

  1. final class ChannelAcceptedEvent extends EventMessage with Serializable
  2. abstract class CommandMessage extends Serializable

    Message to invoke command.

  3. abstract class EventMessage extends Serializable

    Message for events.

  4. final class ExecCommand extends CommandMessage with Serializable

    Command to execute sbt command.

  5. final class ExecStatusEvent extends EventMessage with Serializable

    Status event.

  6. final class ExecutionEvent extends Serializable

    Execution event.

  7. final class InitCommand extends CommandMessage with Serializable
  8. final class LogEvent extends EventMessage with Serializable

    Log event.

  9. final class SettingQuery extends CommandMessage with Serializable
  10. final class SettingQueryFailure extends SettingQueryResponse with Serializable
  11. abstract class SettingQueryResponse extends EventMessage with Serializable
  12. final class SettingQuerySuccess extends SettingQueryResponse with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object ChannelAcceptedEvent extends Serializable
  2. object ClientSocket
  3. object CommandMessage extends Serializable
  4. object EventMessage extends Serializable
  5. object ExecCommand extends Serializable
  6. object ExecStatusEvent extends Serializable
  7. object ExecutionEvent extends Serializable
  8. object InitCommand extends Serializable
  9. object LogEvent extends Serializable
  10. object Serialization
  11. object SettingQuery extends Serializable
  12. object SettingQueryFailure extends Serializable
  13. object SettingQueryResponse extends Serializable
  14. object SettingQuerySuccess extends Serializable