package scripted

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Type Members

  1. trait BasicStatementHandler extends StatementHandler
  2. class FileCommands extends BasicStatementHandler
  3. final class FilteredLoader extends ClassLoader
  4. trait HandlersProvider extends AnyRef
  5. final class ListTests extends AnyRef
  6. class PendingTestSuccessException extends Exception
  7. class ScriptConfig extends AnyRef
  8. class ScriptRunner extends AnyRef
  9. final case class ScriptedTest (group: String, name: String) extends Product with Serializable
  10. final class ScriptedTests extends AnyRef
  11. final case class Statement (command: String, arguments: List[String], successExpected: Boolean, line: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  12. trait StatementHandler extends AnyRef
  13. final class TestException extends RuntimeException
  14. final class TestFailed extends RuntimeException

    Use when a stack trace is not useful

  15. class TestScriptParser extends RegexParsers