package librarymanagement

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Type Members

  1. final class Artifact extends ArtifactExtra with Serializable
  2. abstract class ArtifactExtra extends AnyRef
  3. trait ArtifactFilter extends SubDepFilter[Artifact, ArtifactFilter]
  4. trait ArtifactFormats extends AnyRef
  5. abstract class ArtifactFunctions extends AnyRef
  6. final class ArtifactTypeFilter extends ArtifactTypeFilterExtra with Serializable

    Work around the inadequacy of Ivy's ArtifactTypeFilter (that it cannot reverse a filter)

  7. abstract class ArtifactTypeFilterExtra extends AnyRef
  8. trait ArtifactTypeFilterFormats extends AnyRef
  9. abstract class ArtifactTypeFilterFunctions extends AnyRef
  10. final class Binary extends CrossVersion with Serializable

    Cross-versions a module using the result of prepending prefix and appending suffix to the binary version.

    Cross-versions a module using the result of prepending prefix and appending suffix to the binary version. For example, if prefix = "foo_" and suffix = "_bar" and the binary version is "2.10", the module is cross-versioned with "foo_2.10_bar".

  11. trait BinaryFormats extends AnyRef
  12. final class Caller extends Serializable
  13. trait CallerFormats extends AnyRef
  14. final class ChainedResolver extends Resolver with Serializable
  15. trait ChainedResolverFormats extends AnyRef
  16. final class Checksum extends Serializable
  17. trait ChecksumFormats extends AnyRef
  18. final class ConfigRef extends Serializable

    A reference to Configuration.

  19. trait ConfigRefFormats extends AnyRef
  20. abstract class ConfigRefFunctions extends AnyRef
  21. final class Configuration extends ConfigurationExtra with Serializable

    Represents an Ivy configuration.

  22. abstract class ConfigurationExtra extends AnyRef
  23. trait ConfigurationFilter extends SubDepFilter[ConfigRef, ConfigurationFilter]
  24. trait ConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  25. final class ConfigurationReport extends ConfigurationReportExtra with Serializable

    Provides information about resolution of a single configuration.

  26. abstract class ConfigurationReportExtra extends AnyRef
  27. trait ConfigurationReportFormats extends AnyRef
  28. trait ConfigurationReportLiteFormats extends AnyRef
  29. final class ConflictManager extends Serializable

    See for details of the different conflict managers.

  30. trait ConflictManagerFormats extends AnyRef
  31. abstract class ConflictManagerFunctions extends AnyRef
  32. final case class ConflictWarning (label: String, level: util.Level.Value, failOnConflict: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    Provide warnings for cross version conflicts.

    Provide warnings for cross version conflicts. A library foo_2.10 and foo_2.11 can potentially be both included on the library dependency graph by mistake, but it won't be caught by eviction.

  33. final class Constant extends CrossVersion with Serializable

    Cross-versions a module using the string value.

  34. trait ConstantFormats extends AnyRef
  35. abstract class CrossVersion extends Serializable

    Configures how a module will be cross-versioned.

  36. trait CrossVersionFormats extends AnyRef
  37. abstract class CrossVersionFunctions extends AnyRef
  38. trait DependencyBuilders extends AnyRef

    DependencyBuilders implements the implicits for % and %% DSL.

  39. trait DependencyFilter extends AnyRef
  40. trait DependencyFilterExtra extends AnyRef
  41. class DependencyResolution extends AnyRef

    Library management API to resolve dependencies.

  42. trait DependencyResolutionInterface extends AnyRef

    Interface for dependency resolution intended for engine authors.

  43. final class Developer extends Serializable
  44. trait DeveloperFormats extends AnyRef
  45. final class Disabled extends CrossVersion with Serializable

    Disables cross versioning for a module.

  46. trait DisabledFormats extends AnyRef
  47. final class EvictionPair extends AnyRef
  48. final class EvictionWarning extends AnyRef
  49. final class EvictionWarningOptions extends AnyRef
  50. final class FileConfiguration extends Serializable

    Configuration specific to an Ivy filesystem resolver.

  51. trait FileConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  52. final class FileRepository extends PatternsBasedRepository with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy filesystem repository.

    sbt interface for an Ivy filesystem repository. More convenient construction is done using Resolver.file.

  53. trait FileRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  54. final class Full extends CrossVersion with Serializable

    Cross-versions a module with the result of prepending prefix and appending suffix to the full version.

    Cross-versions a module with the result of prepending prefix and appending suffix to the full version. For example, if prefix = "foo_" and suffix = "_bar" and the full version is "2.12.1", the module is cross-versioned with "foo_2.12.1_bar".

  55. trait FullFormats extends AnyRef
  56. final class GetClassifiersConfiguration extends Serializable
  57. trait GetClassifiersConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  58. final class GetClassifiersModule extends Serializable
  59. trait GetClassifiersModuleFormats extends AnyRef
  60. final class InclExclRule extends Serializable

    Defines a rule to either:

    Defines a rule to either:

    • Exclude unwanted dependencies pulled in transitively by a module, or to
    • Include and merge artifacts coming from the ModuleDescriptor if "dependencyArtifacts" are also provided.

    The use case that is applied depends on the parameter name which it is passed to, but the filter has the same fields in both cases.

  61. trait InclExclRuleFormats extends AnyRef
  62. abstract class InclExclRuleFunctions extends AnyRef
  63. final class IvyFileConfiguration extends ModuleSettings with Serializable
  64. trait IvyFileConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  65. final class KeyFileAuthentication extends SshAuthentication with Serializable
  66. trait KeyFileAuthenticationFormats extends AnyRef
  67. trait LibraryManagementCodec extends BasicJsonProtocol with ConfigRefFormats with RetrieveConfigurationFormats with UpdateLoggingFormats with LogicalClockFormats with ArtifactTypeFilterFormats with UpdateConfigurationFormats with ChecksumFormats with ArtifactFormats with DisabledFormats with BinaryFormats with ConstantFormats with PatchFormats with FullFormats with CrossVersionFormats with InclExclRuleFormats with ModuleIDFormats with ConfigurationFormats with ScalaModuleInfoFormats with GetClassifiersModuleFormats with GetClassifiersConfigurationFormats with PublishConfigurationFormats with CallerFormats with ModuleReportFormats with OrganizationArtifactReportFormats with ConfigurationReportFormats with ConflictManagerFormats with DeveloperFormats with FileConfigurationFormats with ChainedResolverFormats with MavenRepoFormats with MavenCacheFormats with PatternsFormats with FileRepositoryFormats with URLRepositoryFormats with PasswordAuthenticationFormats with KeyFileAuthenticationFormats with SshAuthenticationFormats with SshConnectionFormats with SshRepositoryFormats with SftpRepositoryFormats with ResolverFormats with ModuleConfigurationFormats with ScmInfoFormats with ModuleInfoFormats with IvyFileConfigurationFormats with PomConfigurationFormats with NodeSeqFormat with ModuleDescriptorConfigurationFormats with ModuleSettingsFormats with MavenRepositoryFormats with PatternsBasedRepositoryFormats with SshBasedRepositoryFormats with UpdateStatsFormats with UpdateReportFormats with ConfigurationReportLiteFormats with UpdateReportLiteFormats
  68. trait LibraryManagementSyntax extends LibraryManagementSyntax0 with DependencyBuilders with DependencyFilterExtra
  69. trait LibraryManagementSyntax0 extends AnyRef
  70. trait LogicalClock extends AnyRef

    Represents a logical time point for dependency resolution.

    Represents a logical time point for dependency resolution. This is used to cache dependencies across subproject resolution which may change over time.

  71. final class MakePomConfiguration extends Serializable

    This code is generated using sbt-contraband.

  72. final class MavenCache extends MavenRepository with Serializable

    An instance of maven CACHE directory.

    An instance of maven CACHE directory. You cannot treat a cache directory the same as a a remote repository because the metadata is different (see Aether ML discussion).

  73. trait MavenCacheFormats extends AnyRef
  74. final class MavenRepo extends MavenRepository with Serializable
  75. trait MavenRepoFormats extends AnyRef
  76. abstract class MavenRepository extends Resolver with Serializable

    An instance of a remote maven repository.

    An instance of a remote maven repository. Note: This will use Aether/Maven to resolve artifacts.

  77. trait MavenRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  78. abstract class MavenRepositoryFunctions extends AnyRef
  79. final class ModuleConfiguration extends Serializable
  80. trait ModuleConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  81. trait ModuleDescriptor extends AnyRef

    Decribes the representation of a module, inclding its dependencies and the version of Scala it uses, if any.

  82. final class ModuleDescriptorConfiguration extends ModuleSettings with Serializable
  83. trait ModuleDescriptorConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  84. trait ModuleFilter extends SubDepFilter[ModuleID, ModuleFilter]
  85. final class ModuleID extends ModuleIDExtra with Serializable
  86. abstract class ModuleIDExtra extends AnyRef
  87. trait ModuleIDFormats extends AnyRef
  88. abstract class ModuleIDFunctions extends AnyRef
  89. final class ModuleInfo extends Serializable

    Additional information about a project module

  90. trait ModuleInfoFormats extends AnyRef
  91. final class ModuleReport extends ModuleReportExtra with Serializable

    Provides information about the resolution of a module.

    Provides information about the resolution of a module. This information is in the context of a specific configuration.

  92. abstract class ModuleReportExtra extends AnyRef
  93. trait ModuleReportFormats extends AnyRef
  94. abstract class ModuleSettings extends Serializable
  95. trait ModuleSettingsFormats extends AnyRef
  96. final class OrganizationArtifactReport extends Serializable

    OrganizationArtifactReport represents an organization+name entry in Ivy resolution report.

    OrganizationArtifactReport represents an organization+name entry in Ivy resolution report. In sbt's terminology, "module" consists of organization, name, and version. In Ivy's, "module" means just organization and name, and the one including version numbers are called revisions.

    A sequence of OrganizationArtifactReport called details is newly added to ConfigurationReport, replacing evicted. (Note old evicted was just a seq of ModuleIDs). OrganizationArtifactReport groups the ModuleReport of both winners and evicted reports by their organization and name, which can be used to calculate detailed eviction warning etc.

  97. trait OrganizationArtifactReportFormats extends AnyRef
  98. final class PasswordAuthentication extends SshAuthentication with Serializable
  99. trait PasswordAuthenticationFormats extends AnyRef
  100. final class Patch extends CrossVersion with Serializable

    Cross-versions a module by stripping off -bin-suffix.

    Cross-versions a module by stripping off -bin-suffix. This is intended for patch-version compatible alternative replacements.

  101. trait PatchFormats extends AnyRef
  102. final class Patterns extends Serializable
  103. abstract class PatternsBasedRepository extends Resolver with Serializable

    sbt interface to an Ivy repository based on patterns, which is most Ivy repositories.

  104. trait PatternsBasedRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  105. trait PatternsFormats extends AnyRef
  106. abstract class PatternsFunctions extends AnyRef
  107. final class PomConfiguration extends ModuleSettings with Serializable
  108. trait PomConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  109. final class PublishConfiguration extends Serializable
  110. trait PublishConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  111. class Publisher extends AnyRef

    Library management API to publish artifacts.

  112. trait PublisherInterface extends AnyRef

    Interface for publishing modules.

  113. final class RawRepository extends Resolver
  114. final class ResolveException extends RuntimeException
  115. abstract class Resolver extends Serializable
  116. trait ResolverFormats extends AnyRef
  117. abstract class ResolverFunctions extends AnyRef
  118. final class RetrieveConfiguration extends Serializable
  119. trait RetrieveConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  120. final class RichUpdateReport extends AnyRef

    Provides extra methods for filtering the contents of an UpdateReport and for obtaining references to a selected subset of the underlying files.

  121. final class ScalaModuleInfo extends Serializable
  122. trait ScalaModuleInfoFormats extends AnyRef
  123. final case class ScalaVersion (full: String, binary: String) extends Product with Serializable
  124. final class ScmInfo extends Serializable

    Basic SCM information for a project module

  125. trait ScmInfoFormats extends AnyRef
  126. final class SftpRepository extends SshBasedRepository with SftpRepositoryExtra with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy repository over sftp.

    sbt interface for an Ivy repository over sftp. More convenient construction is done using Resolver.sftp.

  127. trait SftpRepositoryExtra extends SshBasedRepositoryExtra
  128. trait SftpRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  129. abstract class SshAuthentication extends Serializable
  130. trait SshAuthenticationFormats extends AnyRef
  131. abstract class SshBasedRepository extends PatternsBasedRepository with SshBasedRepositoryExtra with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy ssh-based repository (ssh and sftp).

    sbt interface for an Ivy ssh-based repository (ssh and sftp). Requires the Jsch library..

  132. trait SshBasedRepositoryExtra extends AnyRef
  133. trait SshBasedRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  134. final class SshConnection extends Serializable
  135. trait SshConnectionFormats extends AnyRef
  136. final class SshRepository extends SshBasedRepository with SshRepositoryExtra with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy repository over ssh.

    sbt interface for an Ivy repository over ssh. More convenient construction is done using Resolver.ssh.

  137. trait SshRepositoryExtra extends SshBasedRepositoryExtra
  138. trait SshRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  139. sealed trait SubDepFilter [Arg, Self <: SubDepFilter[Arg, Self]] extends DependencyFilter
  140. sealed trait TrackLevel extends AnyRef
  141. final class URLRepository extends PatternsBasedRepository with Serializable
  142. trait URLRepositoryFormats extends AnyRef
  143. final class UnresolvedWarning extends AnyRef

    Represents unresolved dependency warning, which displays reconstructed dependency tree along with source position of each node.

  144. final class UnresolvedWarningConfiguration extends AnyRef
  145. final class UpdateConfiguration extends Serializable
  146. trait UpdateConfigurationFormats extends AnyRef
  147. sealed abstract class UpdateLogging extends Serializable

    Configures logging during an 'update'.

    Configures logging during an 'update'. level determines the amount of other information logged. Full is the default and logs the most. DownloadOnly only logs what is downloaded. Quiet only displays errors. Default uses the current log level of update task.

  148. trait UpdateLoggingFormats extends AnyRef
  149. final class UpdateReport extends UpdateReportExtra with Serializable

    Provides information about dependency resolution.

    Provides information about dependency resolution. It does not include information about evicted modules, only about the modules ultimately selected by the conflict manager. This means that for a given configuration, there should only be one revision for a given organization and module name.

  150. abstract class UpdateReportExtra extends AnyRef
  151. trait UpdateReportFormats extends AnyRef
  152. trait UpdateReportLiteFormats extends AnyRef
  153. final class UpdateStats extends Serializable
  154. trait UpdateStatsFormats extends AnyRef
  155. final class VersionNumber extends AnyRef
  156. trait VersionNumberCompatibility extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Artifact extends ArtifactFunctions with Serializable
  2. object ArtifactTypeFilter extends ArtifactTypeFilterFunctions with Serializable
  3. object Binary extends Serializable
  4. object Caller extends Serializable
  5. object ChainedResolver extends Serializable
  6. object Checksum extends Serializable
  7. object ConfigRef extends ConfigRefFunctions with Serializable
  8. object Configuration extends Serializable
  9. object ConfigurationReport extends Serializable
  10. object Configurations
  11. object ConflictManager extends ConflictManagerFunctions with Serializable
  12. object ConflictWarning extends Serializable
  13. object Constant extends Serializable
  14. object CrossVersion extends CrossVersionFunctions with Serializable
  15. object DependencyBuilders
  16. object DependencyFilter extends DependencyFilterExtra
  17. object DependencyResolution
  18. object Developer extends Serializable
  19. object Disabled extends Serializable
  20. object EvictionPair
  21. object EvictionWarning
  22. object EvictionWarningOptions
  23. object FileConfiguration extends Serializable
  24. object FileRepository extends Serializable
  25. object Full extends Serializable
  26. object GetClassifiersConfiguration extends Serializable
  27. object GetClassifiersModule extends Serializable
  28. object Http
  29. object InclExclRule extends InclExclRuleFunctions with Serializable
  30. object IvyFileConfiguration extends Serializable
  31. object KeyFileAuthentication extends Serializable
  32. object LibraryManagementCodec extends LibraryManagementCodec
  33. object LogicalClock
  34. object MakePomConfiguration extends Serializable
  35. object MavenCache extends Serializable
  36. object MavenRepo extends Serializable
  37. object MavenRepository extends MavenRepositoryFunctions with Serializable
  38. object ModuleConfiguration extends Serializable
  39. object ModuleDescriptorConfiguration extends InlineConfigurationFunctions with Serializable
  40. object ModuleID extends ModuleIDFunctions with Serializable
  41. object ModuleInfo extends Serializable
  42. object ModuleReport extends Serializable
  43. object ModuleSettings extends Serializable
  44. object OrganizationArtifactReport extends Serializable
  45. object PasswordAuthentication extends Serializable
  46. object Patch extends Serializable
  47. object Patterns extends PatternsFunctions with Serializable
  48. object PatternsBasedRepository extends Serializable
  49. object PomConfiguration extends Serializable
  50. object PublishConfiguration extends Serializable
  51. object Publisher
  52. object Resolver extends ResolverFunctions with Serializable
  53. object RetrieveConfiguration extends Serializable
  54. object SbtArtifacts
  55. object ScalaArtifacts
  56. object ScalaModuleInfo extends Serializable
  57. object ScmInfo extends Serializable
  58. object SftpRepository extends Serializable
  59. object SshAuthentication extends Serializable
  60. object SshBasedRepository extends Serializable
  61. object SshConnection extends Serializable
  62. object SshRepository extends Serializable
  63. object TrackLevel

    An enumeration defining the tracking of dependencies.

    An enumeration defining the tracking of dependencies. A level includes all of the levels with id larger than its own id. For example, Warn (id=3) includes Error (id=4).

  64. object URLRepository extends Serializable
  65. object UnresolvedWarning
  66. object UnresolvedWarningConfiguration
  67. object UpdateConfiguration extends Serializable
  68. object UpdateLogging extends Serializable
  69. object UpdateReport extends Serializable
  70. object UpdateStats extends Serializable
  71. object VersionNumber
  72. object syntax extends LibraryManagementSyntax