A webstart project is used to generate outputs for Java Webstart. To create a webstart project, extend DefaultWebstartProject instead of extending DefaultProject. The only method required to be defined is:

Other methods of interest include:

  • webstartSignConfiguration - Configures signing. If it is None (the default), signing jars is disabled. Otherwise, it is contains an instance of SignConfiguration.
  • webstartPack200 - When true, enables Pack200 compression of jars. This is enabled by default.
  • webstartGzip - When true, enables gzip compression of jars. This is enabled by default.

See the WebstartOptions API documentation for more options.

A webstart project generates its output when package is executed. The output is by default put in target/webstart and produces a zip of that directory. You can add a web application project to test it out. An example project definition is shown on the Webstart Example page.