Changes from 0.5.4 to 0.5.5


  • Experimental support for searching for project (|only|root-first|nearest).
  • Added support for configuring repositories on a per-module basis.
  • Can specify a specific nightly of Scala 2.8 to use when building sbt locally. In particular, 0.5.5 is built against 2.8.0-20090929.004247-+ (no test support, however).


  • No longer need "->default" in configurations (automatically mapped).
  • Unified batch-style and interactive-style commands. All commands that were previously interactive-only should be available batch-style. 'reboot' does not pick up changes to 'scala.version' properly, however. This means you can now do:
  •  $ sbt "~test-quick"
 $ sbt "project sub" compile
  • Can retrieve javadocs and sources using withJavadocs() and withSources() methods on dependencies. To get only javadocs and/or sources, use javadocs() or sources().


  • Fixed problem with classifier support and the corresponding test
  • Fix issue where last path component of local repository was dropped if it did not exist.