Changes from 0.5.2 to 0.5.4


  • Added javap task to DefaultProject. It has tab completion on compiled project classes and the run classpath is passed to javap so that library classes are available. Examples:
  •    > javap your.Clazz
       > javap -c scala.List
  • Added exec task. Mixin Exec to project definition to use. This forks the command following exec. Examples:
  •    > exec echo Hi
       > exec find src/main/scala -iname *.scala -exec wc -l {} ;
  • Added sh task for users with a unix-style shell available (runs /bin/sh -c <arguments>). Mixin Exec to project definition to use. Example:
  •    > sh find src/main/scala -iname *.scala | xargs cat | wc -l
  • Proper dependency graph actions (previously was an unsupported prototype): graph-src and graph-pkg for source dependency graph and quasi-package dependency graph (based on source directories and source dependencies)
  • Implemented  issue #38  (InstallProject with 'install' task)


  • Applied Vesa's patch for configuring the output of forked Scala/Java and processes (see Forking)
  • Added defaultLoggingLevel method for setting the initial level of a project's Logger
  • Added syncPathsTask for synchronizing paths to a target directory
  • Allow multiple instances of Jetty (new jettyRunTasks can be defined with different ports)
  • jettyRunTask accepts configuration in a single configuration wrapper object instead of many parameters
  • Compiles against September 10, 2009 nightly build of Scala 2.8
  • Changed order of repositories (local, shared, Maven Central, user, Scala Tools)
  • Added Maven Central to resolvers used to find Scala library/compiler in launcher
  • Check Project.terminateWatch to determine if triggered execution should stop for a given keypress.
  • Terminate triggered execution only on 'enter' by default (previously, any keypress stopped it)
  • Added support for extra attributes with Ivy. Use extra(key -> value) on ModuleIDs and Artifacts. To define for a project's ID:
  •   override def projectID = super.projectID extra(key -> value)
To specify in a dependency:
  val dep = normalID extra(key -> value)


  • Fix web application class loading ( issue #35 ).
  • Fix compileOptions being fixed after the first compile
  • Many logging related changes and fixes. Added FilterLogger and cleaned up interaction between Logger, scripted testing, and the builder projects. This included removing the recordingDepth hack from Logger. Logger buffering is now enabled/disabled per thread.
  • Copy resources to target/resources and target/test-resources using copyResources and copyTestResources tasks. Properly include all resources in web applications and classpaths ( issue #36 ). mainResources and testResources are now the definitive methods for getting resources.
  • Fixed issue with position of ^ in compile errors
  • Fixed exit code returned when exception thrown in main thread for TrapExit
  • Fixed  issue #39  (sources were not relative in src package)
  • Don't buffer logging of forked run by default
  • Fixed  issue #41  (parent project should not declare jar artifact)
  • Fixed  issue #42  (search parent directories for ivysettings.xml)