Changes from 0.5.1 to 0.5.2


  • Better support for Java sources. Dependency tracking of Java sources is implemented by parsing class files.
  • Added classifier method for inline dependency declarations. This provides support for publishing artifacts with classifiers and retrieving dependencies with classifiers. A limitation is that the classifiers for dependencies are not written to your project's published pom.
  • Project dependencies are now added to published Ivy files (they were already added for POMs)
  • The crossScalaVersions and managedStyle methods default to the value of a parent project, if there is one.
  • Added execTask that accepts an sbt.ProcessBuilder to run when invoked
  • Added implicit conversion in sbt.Process that takes scala.xml.Elem to sbt.ProcessBuilder. This conversion takes the element's text content, trims it, and splits it around whitespace to obtain the command to run. (See Process)
  • Added check to verify that dynamic tasks do not reference static tasks
  • Added that will send contents of URLs and Files to standard output. (See Process)


  •  Issue #29  (Java sources always recompiled)
  • Fix issue where no tests were run when no arguments were provided to test-failed or test-quick
  • Fixed tab completion for method tasks for multi-project builds
  • Make Paths in subprojects print relative to root project directory
  • Properly track dependencies on sources not included in recompilation
  • Added scala-library.jar to the javac classpath
  • Fixed run action swallowing exceptions
  • Fixed problem where dependencies of sbt plugins were not on the compile classpath