Changes from 0.4.6 to 0.5/0.5.1


  • Two new features, cross-building from the command line and scratch projects, require an updated loader (version 0.5 or higher). This updated loader can still run previous versions of sbt.
  • useDefaultConfigurations supersedes useMavenConfigurations and is now enabled by default. Please report any issues you have because of this change.


  • Project definitions can go directly in project/build in addition to project/build/src
  • Batch-style (command line) execution now supports the cross-building '+' prefix (see cross-building for details)
  • New action jetty for web application projects that waits for a key press before exiting so that it can be run batch-style as suggested here.
  • The files monitored for triggered execution are now taken from the current Project's watchPaths method. The default is now to watch resources in addition to sources. (see TriggeredExecution for details)
  • Can specify the maximum number of errors to print with the MaxCompileErrors CompileOption/ScaladocOption
  • Added JavaNet1Repository for using Maven 1 repository
  • Can publish to HTTP repositories (see Publishing for details)
  • Can directly specify location of dependencies using the from(urlString) method (see LibraryManagement for details)
  • Can specify artifacts of a dependency using the artifacts method. This is equivalent to the <artifact> element in a <dependency> element in an Ivy file. It is used for alternative artifact extensions and types or multiple artifacts per dependency.

New Features

  • sbt plugins, including a sample plugin that makes a self-extracting jar for a project (see SbtPlugins)
  • New project setup option 's' that fills in defaults for all properties (such as name and version) and allows sources and jars to be placed directly in the project directory in addition to the normal locations (see Setup for details)
  • Cross-publishing against multiple versions of Scala (see cross-building for details])


  • Improved handling of default configuration mapping of dependencies
  • FileUtilities.unzip should actually return the set of extracted files now
  •  Issue #30  : dependencies in provided configuration were included in packaged webstart and web applications
  • Fixed class loader issue with web applications (JSP did not work for web applications)
  • Fixed manual reboot not changing the version of Scala when it is manually set


  • Scala X-Ray is now published on as version 0.2. See CompilerPlugins or the sxr README for how to enable this in your project.