Changes from 0.4.5 to 0.4.6


The default jar name has changed. Previously, it was based on the name of the project. For example,

My Project-1.0.jar

The default is now to use the normalized name of your project. For example,


If you modified this by overriding defaultJarBaseName, this will still be used. The preferred way to change the name of artifacts is now to override artifactID (for just changing the name part) or artifactBaseName (for both the name and version parts). The definitions of relevant methods are shown below for reference.

 def moduleID = normalizedName
 def artifactID = moduleID
 def artifactBaseName = artifactID + "-" + version.toString
 def defaultJarBaseName = artifactBaseName
 def defaultJarName = defaultJarBaseName + ".jar"


  • Fixed issue with packaging a jar on windows.
  • Support for specs 1.5.0 (when building with Scala 2.7.4)
  • Fixed creating a Path from a File via Path.fromFile.
  • Fixed package-project to exclude project/boot and project/build/target.
  • Preserve command line history across clean.
  • Fixed issue with external process output being lost when sent to a BufferedLogger with parallelExecution enabled.
  • Fixed warning message about no Class-Path attribute from showing up for run.
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException: PermGen errors that occurred during testing or rebooting.


  • Added jettyPort method to DefaultWebProject for overriding the port used by the jetty-run action.
  • Exception traces are printed by default
  • Improved access to and handling of scala-library.jar and scala-compiler.jar used to build the project.
    • Added two new methods providing the location of these jars
      • FileUtilities.scalaLibraryJar
      • FileUtilities.scalaCompilerJar
    • Better/easier access to the external dependencies of a project
      • mainDependencies and testDependencies provide an analysis of the dependencies of your code as determined during compilation
      • scalaJars is deprecated, use mainDependencies.scalaJars instead (provides a PathFinder, which is generally more useful)
    • Fixed classpath issues for projects that use the compiler or interpreter
      • If your main sources depend on scala-compiler.jar, scala-compiler.jar is added to runClasspath so that compiler classes are available for the run command.
      • If your test sources depend on scala-compiler.jar, scala-compiler.jar is added to testClasspath so that the compiler classes are available for tests.

New Features

  • Parallel test execution at the suite/specification level.

The following new features are also present in 0.4.6, but are not fully documented and stabilized.

  • Parallelization at the subtask level.
  • Publishing poms or Ivy files to a ssh/sftp/filesystem repository is supported.
  • Added ability to easily build across multiple versions of Scala.
    • Override crossScalaVersions with the Set of Scala versions to build against.
    • Prefix actions to run with +
    • The version of Scala used to build is appended to outputPath (target) and managedDependencyPath (lib_managed).