• Added prompt to retry project loading if compilation of project definition fails.
  • package action now only executes when inputs have changed.
  • Added help command that displays an informative message and describes the commands available at the interactive prompt.
  • Added reload command to reread the project definition without having to restart sbt.
  • Added console-quick action for when you want fast access to the Scala interpreter but don't need your project compiled.
  • Added clean-cache action to delete Ivy's artifact and metadata cache.

Integration Testing

  • Added integration test support with integration-test action.
  • Behaves like test but takes its test sources from src/it (by default).
  • Use it by mixing in BasicScalaIntegrationTesting to your project definition.

Dependency Management

  • Added ability to specify inline Ivy XML configuration in project definition (see towards the bottom of the Library Management page).
  • Can specify Ivy configurations as fourth piece of inline dependencies (... % "runtime->compile").

Custom Actions

  • Added fileTask methods for tasks that execute when the inputs/outputs are out of date (see Creating/Modifying Actions page).
  • sbt.FileUtilities is cleaned up and ready for general use:

Web Applications

  • package action creates war file.
  • Added jetty-run and jetty-stop actions.
  • See web applications page for more information.


  • Fixed  bug #11  (project/ unnecessarily updated).
  • Fixed problem with dependencies where source jars would be used instead of binary jars.
  • Fixed scala-tools not being used by default for inline configurations.