package sbt.compiler.javac


import sbt.compiler.{ CompileFailed, CompilerArguments }
import sbt.{ ClasspathOptions, Logger, LoggerReporter }
import xsbti.Reporter
import xsbti.compile.{ MultipleOutput, SingleOutput, Output }

 * This class adapts the new java compiler with the classpath/argument option hackery needed to handle scala.
 * The xsbti.Compiler interface is used by the IncrementalCompiler classes, so this lets us adapt a more generic
 * wrapper around running Javac (forked or direct) into the interfaces used by incremental compiler.
class JavaCompilerAdapter(delegate: JavaTool, scalaInstance: xsbti.compile.ScalaInstance, cpOptions: xsbti.compile.ClasspathOptions) extends xsbti.compile.JavaCompiler {
  override final def compile(sources: Array[File], classpath: Array[File], output: Output, options: Array[String], log: xsbti.Logger): Unit = {
    // TODO - 5 max errors ok?  We're not expecting this code path to be called, ever.  This is only for clients who try to use the xsbti.compile.JavaCompiler interface
    // outside of the incremental compiler, for some reason.
    val reporter = new LoggerReporter(5, log)
    compileWithReporter(sources, classpath, output, options, reporter, log)
  override final def compileWithReporter(sources: Array[File], classpath: Array[File], output: Output, options: Array[String], reporter: Reporter, log: xsbti.Logger): Unit = {
    val target = output match {
      case so: SingleOutput   => so.outputDirectory
      case mo: MultipleOutput => throw new RuntimeException("Javac doesn't support multiple output directories")
    val args = commandArguments(Seq(), classpath, target, options, log)
    // We sort the sources for deterministic results.
    val success =, args)(log, reporter)
    if (!success) {
      // TODO - Will the reporter have problems from Scalac?  It appears like it does not, only from the most recent run.
      // This is because the incremental compiler will not run javac if scalac fails.
      throw new CompileFailed(args.toArray, "javac returned nonzero exit code", reporter.problems())
  private[this] def commandArguments(sources: Seq[File], classpath: Seq[File], outputDirectory: File, options: Seq[String], log: Logger): Seq[String] =
      val augmentedClasspath = if (cpOptions.autoBoot) classpath ++ Seq(scalaInstance.libraryJar) else classpath
      val javaCp = ClasspathOptions.javac(cpOptions.compiler)
      (new CompilerArguments(scalaInstance, javaCp))(sources, augmentedClasspath, Some(outputDirectory), options)