/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
 * Copyright 2008, 2009 Mark Harrah
package sbt

 * An enumeration defining the levels available for logging.  A level includes all of the levels
 * with id larger than its own id.  For example, Warn (id=3) includes Error (id=4).
object Level extends Enumeration {
  val Debug = Value(1, "debug")
  val Info = Value(2, "info")
  val Warn = Value(3, "warn")
  val Error = Value(4, "error")
   * Defines the label to use for success messages.
   * Because the label for levels is defined in this module, the success label is also defined here.
  val SuccessLabel = "success"

  def union(a: Value, b: Value) = if (a.id < b.id) a else b
  def unionAll(vs: Seq[Value]) = vs reduceLeft union

  /** Returns the level with the given name wrapped in Some, or None if no level exists for that name. */
  def apply(s: String) = values.find(s == _.toString)
  /** Same as apply, defined for use in pattern matching. */
  private[sbt] def unapply(s: String) = apply(s)