This is an index of common methods, types, and values you might find in an sbt build definition. For command names, see Running. For available plugins, see the plugins list.

Values and Types 

Dependency Management 

Settings and Tasks 


Build Structure 


Settings and Tasks 

See the Getting Started Guide for details.

File and IO 

See RichFile, PathFinder, and Paths for the full documentation.

Dependency Management 

See Library Management for full documentation.


These methods are used to build up Parsers from smaller Parsers. They closely follow the names of the standard library’s parser combinators. See Parsing Input for the full documentation. These are used for Input Tasks and Commands.


These methods are used to fork external processes. Note that this API has been included in the Scala standard library for version 2.9. ProcessBuilder is the builder type and Process is the type representing the actual forked process. The methods to combine processes start with # so that they share the same precedence.


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