Command Line Reference 

This page is a relatively complete list of command line options, commands, and tasks you can use from the sbt interactive prompt or in batch mode. See Running in the Getting Started Guide for an intro to the basics, while this page has a lot more detail.

Notes on the command line 

Project-level tasks 

Configuration-level tasks 

Configuration-level tasks are tasks associated with a configuration. For example, compile, which is equivalent to compile:compile, compiles the main source code (the compile configuration). test:compile compiles the test source code (test test configuration). Most tasks for the compile configuration have an equivalent in the test configuration that can be run using a test: prefix.

General commands 

Commands for managing the build definition 

Command Line Options 

System properties can be provided either as JVM options, or as SBT arguments, in both cases as -Dprop=value. The following properties influence SBT execution. Also see sbt launcher.

Property Values Default Meaning
sbt.log.noformat Boolean false If true, disable ANSI color codes. Useful on build servers or terminals that do not support color.` Directory ~/.sbt/0.13 The directory containing global settings and plugins
sbt.ivy.home Directory ~/.ivy2 The directory containing the local Ivy repository and artifact cache Directory ~/.sbt/boot Path to shared boot directory
sbt.main.class String Boolean false
sbt.extraClasspath Classpath Entries (jar files or directories) that are added to sbt's classpath. Note that the entries are deliminted by comma, e.g.: entry1, entry2,... See also resource in the sbt launcher documentation.
sbt.version Version 0.13.16 sbt version to use, usually taken from project/ File The path to find the sbt boot properties file. This can be a relative path, relative to the sbt base directory, the users home directory or the location of the sbt jar file, or it can be an absolute path or an absolute file URI. Boolean false If true, repositories configured in a build definition are ignored and the repositories configured for the launcher are used instead. See sbt.repository.config and the sbt launcher documentation.
sbt.repository.config File ~/.sbt/repositories A file containing the repositories to use for the launcher. The format is the same as a [repositories] section for a sbt launcher configuration file. This setting is typically used in conjunction with setting to true (see previous row and the sbt launcher documentation).


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