Nightly Builds 

The latest development versions of 0.13.16 are available as nightly builds on Typesafe Snapshots.

To use a nightly build, the instructions are the same for normal manual setup except:

  1. Download the launcher jar from one of the subdirectories of |nightly-launcher|. They should be listed in chronological order, so the most recent one will be last.
  2. The version number is the name of the subdirectory and is of the form 0.13.16.x-yyyyMMdd-HHmmss. Use this in a file.
  3. Call your script something like sbt-nightly to retain access to a stable sbt launcher. The documentation will refer to the script as sbt, however.

Related to the third point, remember that an sbt.version setting in <build-base>/project/ determines the version of sbt to use in a project. If it is not present, the default version associated with the launcher is used. This means that you must set sbt.version=yyyyMMdd-HHmmss in an existing <build-base>/project/ You can verify the right version of sbt is being used to build a project by running about.

To reduce problems, it is recommended to not use a launcher jar for one nightly version to launch a different nightly version of sbt.


sbt Reference Manual
      1. Nightly Builds