Community Plugins 

sbt Organization 

The sbt organization is available for use by any sbt plugin. Developers who contribute their plugins into the community organization will still retain control over their repository and its access. The goal of the sbt organization is to organize sbt software into one central location.

A side benefit to using the sbt organization for projects is that you can use gh-pages to host websites under the domain.

Community Ivy Repository 

Lightbend has provided a freely available Ivy Repository for sbt projects to use. This Ivy repository is mirrored from the freely available Bintray service. If you’d like to submit your plugin, please follow these instructions: Bintray For Plugins.

Available Plugins 

Please feel free to submit a pull request that adds your plugin to the list.

Plugins for IDEs 

Test plugins 

Code coverage plugins 

Static code analysis plugins 

One jar plugins 

Release plugins 

Deployment integration plugins 

Monitoring integration plugins 

Web and frontend development plugins 

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Utility and system plugins 

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