package api

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Type Members

  1. final case class Discovered(baseClasses: Set[String], annotations: Set[String], hasMain: Boolean, isModule: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  2. class Discovery extends AnyRef

  3. final class HashAPI extends AnyRef

    Implements hashing of public API.

  4. final class InputWrapperStream extends InputStream

  5. class NameHashing extends AnyRef

    A class that computes hashes for each group of definitions grouped by a simple name.

  6. final class OutputWrapperStream extends OutputStream

  7. class SameAPI extends AnyRef

    Used to implement API equality.

  8. class Visit extends AnyRef

  9. class NameChanges extends AnyRef


    (Since version 0.13.2) This class is not used in incremental compiler and will be removed in next major version.

Value Members

  1. object APIUtil

  2. object CompilationFormat extends Format[Compilation]

  3. object DefaultShowAPI

  4. object Discovered extends Serializable

  5. object Discovery

  6. object HashAPI

  7. object NameHashing

  8. object SameAPI

    Checks the API of two source files for equality.

  9. object ShowAPI

  10. object SourceFormat extends Format[Source]

  11. object TopLevel