package logic

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Type Members

  1. final case class Atom(label: String) extends Literal with Product with Serializable

    A variable with name label.

  2. final case class Clause(body: Formula, head: Set[Atom]) extends Product with Serializable

    When the body Formula succeeds, atoms in head are true.

  3. final case class Clauses(clauses: List[Clause]) extends Product with Serializable

    Disjunction (or) of the list of clauses.

  4. sealed abstract class Formula extends AnyRef

    A formula consists of variables, negation, and conjunction (and).

  5. sealed abstract class Literal extends Formula

    A literal is an Atom or its negation|Negated.

  6. final case class Negated(atom: Atom) extends Literal with Product with Serializable

    A negated atom, in the sense of negation as failure, not logical negation.

Value Members

  1. object Formula

  2. object Logic