package inc

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Type Members

  1. sealed abstract class APIChange[T] extends AnyRef

  2. final case class APIChangeDueToMacroDefinition[T](modified0: T) extends APIChange[T] with Product with Serializable

    If we recompile a source file that contains a macro definition then we always assume that it's api has changed.

  3. final class APIChanges[T] extends AnyRef

  4. trait APIs extends AnyRef

  5. final class Added extends Change

  6. trait Analysis extends AnyRef

    The merge/groupBy functionality requires understanding of the concepts of internalizing/externalizing dependencies:

  7. trait AnalysisStore extends AnyRef

  8. sealed abstract class Change extends AnyRef

  9. trait Changes[A] extends AnyRef

  10. trait ClassfileManager extends AnyRef

    During an incremental compilation run, a ClassfileManager deletes class files and is notified of generated class files.

  11. trait Compilations extends AnyRef

    Information about compiler runs accumulated since clean command has been run.

  12. class EOFException extends ReadException

  13. final class Exists extends Stamp

  14. sealed trait FileValueCache[T] extends AnyRef

  15. final class Hash extends Stamp

  16. final class IncOptions extends Product with Serializable

    Represents all configuration options for the incremental compiler itself and not the underlying Java/Scala compiler.

  17. final case class InitialChanges(internalSrc: Changes[File], removedProducts: Set[File], binaryDeps: Set[File], external: APIChanges[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  18. final class LastModified extends Stamp

  19. final class Modified extends Change

  20. final case class ModifiedNames(regularNames: Set[String], implicitNames: Set[String]) extends Product with Serializable

    ModifiedNames are determined by comparing name hashes in two versions of an API representation.

  21. final case class NamesChange[T](modified0: T, modifiedNames: ModifiedNames) extends APIChange[T] with Product with Serializable

    An APIChange that carries information about modified names.

  22. class ReadException extends Exception

  23. trait ReadStamps extends AnyRef

  24. trait Relations extends AnyRef

    Provides mappings between source files, generated classes (products), and binaries.

  25. final class Removed extends Change

  26. final case class SourceAPIChange[T](modified0: T) extends APIChange[T] with Product with Serializable

  27. trait SourceInfo extends AnyRef

  28. trait SourceInfos extends AnyRef

  29. sealed trait Stamp extends AnyRef

  30. trait Stamps extends ReadStamps

    Provides information about files as they were at a specific time.

Value Members

  1. object APIs

  2. object Analysis

  3. object AnalysisStore

  4. object ClassfileManager

  5. object Compilations

  6. object FileBasedStore

  7. object FileValueCache

  8. object IncOptions extends Serializable

  9. object Incremental

    Helper class to run incremental compilation algorithm.

  10. object IncrementalCompile

    Helper methods for running incremental compilation.

  11. object Locate

  12. object ModifiedNames extends Serializable

  13. object Relations

  14. object SourceInfos

  15. object Stamp

  16. object Stamps

  17. object TextAnalysisFormat

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object AnalysisFormats


    (Since version 0.13.1) Replaced by TextAnalysisFormat. OK to remove in 0.14.