package javac

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Type Members

  1. final class AnalyzingJavaCompiler extends AnyRef

    This is a java compiler which will also report any discovered source dependencies/apis out via an analysis callback.

  2. final class DiagnosticsReporter extends DiagnosticListener[JavaFileObject]

    A diagnostics listener that feeds all messages into the given reporter.

  3. final class ForkedJavaCompiler extends JavaCompiler

    An implementation of compiling java which forks a Javac instance.

  4. final class ForkedJavadoc extends Javadoc

  5. sealed trait IncrementalCompilerJavaTools extends JavaTools

    An extension of the JavaTools trait that also includes interfaces specific to running the java compiler inside of the incremental comppiler.

  6. trait JavaCompiler extends JavaTool

    Interface we use to compile java code.

  7. class JavaCompilerAdapter extends xsbti.compile.JavaCompiler

    This class adapts the new java compiler with the classpath/argument option hackery needed to handle scala.

  8. class JavaErrorParser extends RegexParsers

    A parser that is able to parse java's error output successfully.

  9. final case class JavaPosition(_sourceFilePath: String, _line: Int, _contents: String) extends Position with Product with Serializable

    A wrapper around xsbti.

  10. final case class JavaProblem(position: Position, severity: Severity, message: String) extends Problem with Product with Serializable

    A wrapper around xsbti.

  11. sealed trait JavaTool extends AnyRef

    An interface for on of the tools in the java tool chain.

  12. sealed trait JavaTools extends AnyRef

    An interface to the toolchain of Java.

  13. final class JavacLogger extends ProcessLogger

    An adapted process logger which can feed semantic error events from Javac as well as just dump logs.

  14. trait Javadoc extends JavaTool

    Interface we use to document java code.

  15. final class LocalJavaCompiler extends JavaCompiler

    An implementation of compiling java which delegates to the JVM resident java compiler.

  16. final class LocalJavadoc extends Javadoc

    Implementation of javadoc tool which attempts to run it locally (in-class).

Value Members

  1. object ForkedJava

    Helper methods for running the java toolchain by forking.

  2. object JavaCompiler

    Factory methods for constructing a java compiler.

  3. object JavaErrorParser

  4. object JavaNoPosition extends Position

    A position which has no information, because there is none.

  5. object JavaTools

    Factory methods for getting a java toolchain.

  6. object Javadoc

    Factory methods for constructing a javadoc.

  7. object LocalJava

    Helper methods for trying to run the java toolchain out of our own classloaders.