package appmacro

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Type Members

  1. trait BuilderResult[C <: Context with Singleton] extends AnyRef

  2. final class ContextUtil[C <: Context] extends AnyRef

    Utility methods for macros.

  3. abstract class Convert extends AnyRef

  4. sealed trait Converted[C <: Context with Singleton] extends AnyRef

  5. trait Instance extends AnyRef

    The separate hierarchy from Applicative/Monad is for two reasons.

  6. trait MonadInstance extends Instance

  7. trait TupleBuilder extends AnyRef

    A TupleBuilder abstracts the work of constructing a tuple data structure such as a TupleN or KList and extracting values from it.

Value Members

  1. object ContextUtil

  2. object Converted

  3. object Instance

  4. object KListBuilder extends TupleBuilder

    A TupleBuilder that uses a KList as the tuple representation.

  5. object MixedBuilder extends TupleBuilder

    A builder that uses TupleN as the representation for small numbers of inputs (up to TupleNBuilder.MaxInputs) and KList for larger numbers of inputs.

  6. object TupleNBuilder extends TupleBuilder

    A builder that uses a TupleN as the tuple representation.