/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
 * Copyright 2009 Mark Harrah
package xsbt.boot

import BootConfiguration.{ FjbgPackage, IvyPackage, SbtBootPackage, ScalaPackage }
import scala.collection.immutable.Stream

 * A custom class loader to ensure the main part of sbt doesn't load any Scala or
 * Ivy classes from the jar containing the loader.
private[boot] final class BootFilteredLoader(parent: ClassLoader) extends ClassLoader(parent) {
  override final def loadClass(className: String, resolve: Boolean): Class[_] =
      // note that we allow xsbti.*
      if (className.startsWith(ScalaPackage) || className.startsWith(IvyPackage) || className.startsWith(SbtBootPackage) || className.startsWith(FjbgPackage))
        throw new ClassNotFoundException(className)
        super.loadClass(className, resolve)
  override def getResources(name: String) = excludedLoader.getResources(name)
  override def getResource(name: String) = excludedLoader.getResource(name)

  // the loader to use when a resource is excluded.  This needs to be at least parent.getParent so that it skips parent.  parent contains
  // resources included in the launcher, which need to be ignored.  Now that the launcher can be unrooted (not the application entry point),
  // this needs to be the Java extension loader (the loader with getParent == null)
  private val excludedLoader = Loaders(parent.getParent).head

object Loaders {
  def apply(loader: ClassLoader): Stream[ClassLoader] =
      def loaders(loader: ClassLoader, accum: Stream[ClassLoader]): Stream[ClassLoader] =
        if (loader eq null) accum else loaders(loader.getParent, Stream.cons(loader, accum))
      loaders(loader, Stream.empty)