package sbt

/** A custom SecurityException that tries not to be caught.  Closely based on a similar class in Nailgun. 
* The main goal of this exception is that once thrown, it propagates all of the way up the call stack,
* terminating the thread's execution. */
private final class TrapExitSecurityException(val exitCode: Int) extends SecurityException
	private var accessAllowed = false
	def allowAccess()
		accessAllowed = true
	override def printStackTrace = ifAccessAllowed(super.printStackTrace)
	override def toString = ifAccessAllowed(super.toString)
	override def getCause = ifAccessAllowed(super.getCause)
	override def getMessage = ifAccessAllowed(super.getMessage)
	override def fillInStackTrace = ifAccessAllowed(super.fillInStackTrace)
	override def getLocalizedMessage = ifAccessAllowed(super.getLocalizedMessage)
	private def ifAccessAllowed[T](f: => T): T =
			throw this