package sbt

	import Def.Setting

/** Represents the exported contents of a .sbt file.  Currently, that includes the list of settings,
* the values of Project vals, and the import statements for all defined vals/defs. */
private[sbt] final class LoadedSbtFile(val settings: Seq[Setting[_]], val projects: Seq[Project], val importedDefs: Seq[String])
	def merge(o: LoadedSbtFile): LoadedSbtFile =
		new LoadedSbtFile(settings ++ o.settings, projects ++ o.projects, importedDefs ++ o.importedDefs)
	def clearProjects = new LoadedSbtFile(settings, Nil, importedDefs)
private[sbt] object LoadedSbtFile
	/** Represents an empty .sbt file: no Projects, imports, or settings.*/
	def empty = new LoadedSbtFile(Nil, Nil, Nil)