package xsbt

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Type Members

  1. final class API extends Compat

  2. final class Analyzer extends LocateClassFile

  3. sealed abstract class CallbackGlobal extends Global with GlobalCompat

  4. abstract class Compat extends AnyRef

    Collection of hacks that make it possible for the compiler interface to stay source compatible with Scala compiler 2.

  5. final class CompilerInterface extends AnyRef

  6. class ConsoleInterface extends AnyRef

  7. final class Dependency extends LocateClassFile

    Extracts dependency information from each compilation unit.

  8. class ExtractAPI[GlobalType <: CallbackGlobal] extends Compat

    Extracts API representation out of Symbols and Types.

  9. class ExtractUsedNames[GlobalType <: CallbackGlobal] extends AnyRef

    Extracts simple names used in given compilation unit.

  10. sealed trait GlobalCompat extends AnyRef

  11. final class IPC extends NotNull

  12. class InterfaceCompileCancelled extends CompileCancelled

  13. class InterfaceCompileFailed extends CompileFailed

  14. abstract class LocateClassFile extends Compat

    Contains utility methods for looking up class files corresponding to Symbols.

  15. class ScaladocInterface extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object API

  2. object Analyzer

  3. object Command

  4. object Dependency

  5. object IPC

  6. object Log

  7. object MakeSettings

  8. object Message

  9. package api

  10. package boot

  11. package datatype