package sbt

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  1. trait AList[K[L[x]]] extends AnyRef

    An abstraction over a higher-order type constructor K[x[y]] with the purpose of abstracting over heterogeneous sequences like KList and TupleN with elements with a common type constructor as well as homogeneous sequences Seq[M[T]].

  2. abstract class AbstractLogger extends Logger

  3. abstract class AbstractRMap[K[_], V[_]] extends RMap[K, V]

  4. sealed trait Action[T] extends AnyRef

    Defines a task compuation

  5. sealed abstract class AddSettings extends AnyRef

    Represents how settings from various sources are automatically merged into a Project's settings.

  6. sealed trait Aggregation extends AnyRef

  7. final class AlreadyHandledException extends RuntimeException

    A dummy exception for the top-level exception handler to know that an exception has been handled, but is being passed further up to indicate general failure.

  8. trait Alternative[A, B] extends AnyRef

  9. trait Alternatives extends AnyRef

  10. final case class ApplicationID(groupID: String, name: String, version: String, mainClass: String, components: Seq[String], crossVersionedValue: CrossValue, extra: Seq[File]) extends xsbti.ApplicationID with Product with Serializable

  11. final case class Artifact(name: String, type: String, extension: String, classifier: Option[String], configurations: Iterable[Configuration], url: Option[URL], extraAttributes: Map[String, String]) extends Product with Serializable

  12. trait ArtifactFilter extends SubDepFilter[Artifact, ArtifactFilter]

  13. final case class AttributeEntry[T](key: AttributeKey[T], value: T) extends Product with Serializable

    A map entry where key is constrained to only be associated with a fixed value of type T.

  14. sealed trait AttributeKey[T] extends AnyRef

    A key in an AttributeMap that constrains its associated value to be of type T.

  15. trait AttributeMap extends AnyRef

    An immutable map where a key is the tuple (String,T) for a fixed type T and can only be associated with values of type T.

  16. final case class Attributed[D](data: D)(metadata: AttributeMap) extends Product with Serializable

    Associates a metadata map with data.

  17. class BasicCache[I, O] extends Cache[I, O]

  18. trait BasicCacheImplicits extends AnyRef

  19. abstract class BasicLogger extends AbstractLogger

    Implements the level-setting methods of Logger.

  20. class BufferedLogger extends BasicLogger

    A logger that can buffer the logging done on it and then can flush the buffer to the delegate logger provided in the constructor.

  21. case class BufferedOutput(logger: Logger) extends OutputStrategy with Product with Serializable

    Logs the forked standard output at the info level and the forked standard error at the error level.

  22. trait Build extends AnyRef

  23. trait BuildCommon extends AnyRef

  24. final class BuildDependencies extends AnyRef

  25. trait BuildExtra extends BuildCommon

  26. final class BuildLoader extends AnyRef

  27. final case class BuildRef(build: URI) extends BuildReference with ResolvedReference with Product with Serializable

    Uniquely identifies a build by a URI.

  28. sealed trait BuildReference extends Reference

    Identifies a build.

  29. final class BuildStructure extends AnyRef

  30. final class BuildUnit extends AnyRef

  31. sealed trait BuildUnitBase extends AnyRef

  32. final class BuildUtil[Proj] extends AnyRef

  33. trait Cache[I, O] extends AnyRef

  34. trait CacheImplicits extends BasicCacheImplicits with SBinaryFormats with HListCacheImplicits with UnionImplicits

  35. sealed case class ChainedResolver(name: String, resolvers: Seq[Resolver]) extends Resolver with Product with Serializable

  36. trait ChangeReport[T] extends NotNull

    The result of comparing some current set of objects against a previous set of objects.

  37. class Changed[O] extends Tracked

  38. sealed trait ClasspathDep[PR <: ProjectReference] extends AnyRef

  39. final case class ClasspathDependency(project: ProjectReference, configuration: Option[String]) extends ClasspathDep[ProjectReference] with Product with Serializable

  40. final case class ClasspathOptions(bootLibrary: Boolean, compiler: Boolean, extra: Boolean, autoBoot: Boolean, filterLibrary: Boolean) extends xsbti.compile.ClasspathOptions with Product with Serializable

  41. sealed trait Command extends AnyRef

  42. trait CommandDefinitions extends (State) ⇒ State

  43. final class CompileOptions extends AnyRef

  44. final class CompileSetup extends AnyRef

  45. sealed trait Completed extends AnyRef

  46. trait CompletionService[A, R] extends AnyRef

  47. class ComponentManager extends AnyRef

    A component manager provides access to the pieces of xsbt that are distributed as components.

  48. trait ConcurrentRestrictions[A] extends AnyRef

    Describes restrictions on concurrent execution for a set of tasks.

  49. final case class ConfigKey(name: String) extends Product with Serializable

  50. final case class Configuration(name: String, description: String, isPublic: Boolean, extendsConfigs: List[Configuration], transitive: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    Represents an Ivy configuration.

  51. trait ConfigurationFilter extends SubDepFilter[String, ConfigurationFilter]

  52. final class ConfigurationReport extends AnyRef

    Provides information about resolution of a single configuration.

  53. final case class ConflictManager(name: String, organization: String = "*", module: String = "*") extends Product with Serializable

  54. final case class ConflictWarning(label: String, level: Level.Value, failOnConflict: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  55. final class Console extends AnyRef

  56. class ConsoleLogger extends BasicLogger

    A logger that logs to the console.

  57. final class ConsoleMain extends AppMain

  58. sealed trait ConsoleOut extends AnyRef

  59. final class ContentLogger extends AnyRef

  60. final class ControlEvent extends LogEvent

  61. sealed trait Credentials extends AnyRef

  62. sealed trait CrossVersion extends AnyRef

    Configures how a module will be cross-versioned.

  63. case class CustomOutput(output: OutputStream) extends OutputStrategy with Product with Serializable

    Configures the forked standard output to be sent to output and the forked standard error to be sent to the standard error of this process.

  64. final class CustomPomParser extends ModuleDescriptorParser

  65. trait Dag[Node <: Dag[Node]] extends AnyRef

  66. final class DeferredWriter extends Writer

    A Writer that avoids constructing the underlying Writer with make until a method other than close is called on this Writer.

  67. sealed trait DelegateIndex extends AnyRef

  68. class DelegatingPMap[K[_], V[_]] extends AbstractRMap[K, V] with PMap[K, V]

    Only suitable for K that is invariant in its type parameter.

  69. final class DeliverConfiguration extends AnyRef

  70. trait DependencyFilter extends AnyRef

  71. trait DependencyFilterExtra extends AnyRef

  72. final case class DependsOn[T](in: Task[T], deps: Seq[Task[_]]) extends Action[T] with Product with Serializable

    A computation in that requires other tasks deps to be evaluated first.

  73. class Difference extends Tracked

  74. final class DirectCredentials extends Credentials

  75. class EmptyChangeReport[T] extends ChangeReport[T]

  76. final case class EvaluateConfig(cancelable: Boolean, restrictions: Seq[Rule], checkCycles: Boolean = false, progress: ExecuteProgress[Task] = EvaluateTask.defaultProgress) extends Product with Serializable

  77. abstract class EvaluateSettings[Scope] extends AnyRef

  78. final class ExactFilter extends NameFilter

    A NameFilter that accepts a name if it is exactly equal to matchName.

  79. final case class ExclusionRule(organization: String = "*", name: String = "*", artifact: String = "*", configurations: Seq[String] = immutable.this.Nil) extends Product with Serializable

    Rule to exclude unwanted dependencies pulled in transitively by a module.

  80. final case class Exit(code: Int) extends xsbti.Exit with Product with Serializable

  81. trait ExitHook extends AnyRef

    Defines a function to call as sbt exits.

  82. trait ExtendableKeyIndex extends KeyIndex

  83. final class ExternalIvyConfiguration extends IvyConfiguration

  84. final case class Extracted(structure: BuildStructure, session: SessionSettings, currentRef: ProjectRef)(implicit showKey: Show[Def.ScopedKey[_]]) extends Product with Serializable

  85. trait FeedbackProvidedException extends Throwable with UnprintableException

    A marker trait that refines UnprintableException to indicate to a top-level exception handler that the code throwing this exception has already provided feedback to the user about the error condition.

  86. final class FileCredentials extends Credentials

  87. trait FileFilter extends with NotNull

    A with additional methods for combining filters.

  88. sealed trait FileInfo extends NotNull

  89. trait FilePartialBuilder extends SinkPartialBuilder with SourcePartialBuilder

  90. sealed trait FilePosition extends SourcePosition

  91. final case class FileRepository(name: String, configuration: FileConfiguration, patterns: Patterns) extends PatternsBasedRepository with Product with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy filesystem repository.

  92. final case class FilesInfo[F <: FileInfo] extends Product with Serializable

  93. class FilterLogger extends BasicLogger

    A filter logger is used to delegate messages but not the logging level to another logger.

  94. final case class FlatMapped[T, K[L[x]]](in: K[Task], f: (K[Result]) ⇒ Task[T], alist: AList[K]) extends Action[T] with Product with Serializable

    Computes another task to evaluate based on results from evaluating other tasks.

  95. trait Fn1[A, B] extends AnyRef

  96. sealed class Fork extends AnyRef

    Represents a commad that can be forked.

  97. final class ForkConfiguration extends Serializable

  98. class ForkMain extends AnyRef

  99. final case class ForkOptions(javaHome: Option[File] = scala.None, outputStrategy: Option[OutputStrategy] = scala.None, bootJars: Seq[File] = immutable.this.Nil, workingDirectory: Option[File] = scala.None, runJVMOptions: Seq[String] = immutable.this.Nil, connectInput: Boolean = false, envVars: Map[String, String] = ...) extends ForkScalaRun with Product with Serializable

    Configures forking.

  100. class ForkRun extends ScalaRun

  101. class ForkTags extends Enum[ForkTags]

  102. class FullLogger extends BasicLogger

    Promotes the simple Logger interface to the full AbstractLogger interface.

  103. final class FullReader extends JLine

  104. final case class GetClassifiersConfiguration(module: GetClassifiersModule, exclude: Map[ModuleID, Set[String]], configuration: UpdateConfiguration, ivyScala: Option[IvyScala]) extends Product with Serializable

  105. final case class GetClassifiersModule(id: ModuleID, modules: Seq[ModuleID], configurations: Seq[Configuration], classifiers: Seq[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  106. final case class GlobalLogBacking(file: File, last: Option[File], newBackingFile: () ⇒ File) extends Product with Serializable

    Tracks the files that persist the global logging.

  107. final case class GlobalLogging(full: Logger, console: ConsoleOut, backed: AbstractLogger, backing: GlobalLogBacking, newLogger: (PrintWriter, GlobalLogBacking) ⇒ GlobalLogging) extends Product with Serializable

    Provides the current global logging configuration.

  108. final case class GlobalPlugin(data: GlobalPluginData, structure: BuildStructure, inject: Seq[Def.Setting[_]], base: File) extends Product with Serializable

  109. final case class GlobalPluginData(projectID: ModuleID, dependencies: Seq[ModuleID], descriptors: Map[ModuleRevisionId, ModuleDescriptor], resolvers: Seq[Resolver], fullClasspath: Classpath, internalClasspath: Classpath) extends Product with Serializable

  110. final case class HCons[H, T <: HList](head: H, tail: T) extends HList with Product with Serializable

  111. sealed trait HList extends AnyRef

    A minimal heterogeneous list type.

  112. trait HListCacheImplicits extends AnyRef

  113. sealed trait HNil extends HList

  114. sealed trait HashFileInfo extends FileInfo

  115. sealed trait HashModifiedFileInfo extends HashFileInfo with ModifiedFileInfo

  116. trait Help extends AnyRef

  117. trait IDSet[T] extends AnyRef

    A mutable set interface that uses object identity to test for set membership.

  118. trait IMap[K[_], V[_]] extends ~>[K, V] with RMap[K, V]

  119. trait Identity extends AnyRef

  120. sealed trait IfMissing extends NotNull

  121. final case class Inc(cause: Incomplete) extends Result[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

    Indicates the task did not complete normally and so it does not have a value.

  122. final class IncompatiblePluginsException extends Exception

  123. final case class Incomplete(node: Option[AnyRef], tpe: Incomplete.Value = Incomplete.Error, message: Option[String] = scala.None, causes: Seq[Incomplete] = immutable.this.Nil, directCause: Option[Throwable] = scala.None) extends Exception with UnprintableException with Product with Serializable

    Describes why a task did not complete.

  124. final case class Info[T](attributes: AttributeMap = AttributeMap.empty, post: (T) ⇒ AttributeMap = ...) extends Product with Serializable

    Used to provide information about a task, such as the name, description, and tags for controlling concurrent execution.

  125. trait Init[Scope] extends AnyRef

  126. final case class InlineConfiguration(module: ModuleID, moduleInfo: ModuleInfo, dependencies: Seq[ModuleID], overrides: Set[ModuleID] = ..., ivyXML: NodeSeq = scala.xml.NodeSeq.Empty, configurations: Seq[Configuration] = immutable.this.Nil, defaultConfiguration: Option[Configuration] = scala.None, ivyScala: Option[IvyScala] = scala.None, validate: Boolean = false, conflictManager: ConflictManager = ConflictManager.default) extends ModuleSettings with Product with Serializable

  127. final class InlineIvyConfiguration extends IvyConfiguration

  128. trait InputCache[I] extends AnyRef

  129. sealed trait InputKey[T] extends Scoped with sbt.Def.KeyedInitialize[InputTask[T]] with ScopingSetting[InputKey[T]] with DefinableSetting[InputTask[T]]

    Identifies an input task.

  130. final class InputTask[T] extends AnyRef

    Parses input and produces a task to run.

  131. class InvalidComponent extends RuntimeException

  132. class InvalidScalaInstance extends RuntimeException

  133. class IvyCache extends AnyRef

    Provides methods for working at the level of a single jar file with the default Ivy cache.

  134. sealed trait IvyConfiguration extends AnyRef

  135. final case class IvyFileConfiguration(file: File, ivyScala: Option[IvyScala], validate: Boolean, autoScalaTools: Boolean = true) extends ModuleSettings with Product with Serializable

  136. final class IvyPaths extends AnyRef

  137. final class IvySbt extends AnyRef

  138. final case class IvyScala(scalaFullVersion: String, scalaBinaryVersion: String, configurations: Iterable[Configuration], checkExplicit: Boolean, filterImplicit: Boolean, overrideScalaVersion: Boolean, scalaOrganization: String = ScalaArtifacts.Organization) extends Product with Serializable

  139. abstract class JLine extends LineReader

  140. sealed trait JavaNet1Repository extends Resolver

  141. final case class Join[T, U](in: Seq[Task[U]], f: (Seq[Result[U]]) ⇒ Either[Task[T], T]) extends Action[T] with Product with Serializable

    A computation that operates on the results of a homogeneous list of other tasks.

  142. final case class KCons[H, +T <: KList[M], +M[_]](head: M[H], tail: T) extends KList[M] with Product with Serializable

  143. sealed trait KList[+M[_]] extends AnyRef

    Heterogeneous list with each element having type M[T] for some type T.

  144. sealed abstract class KNil extends KList[Nothing]

  145. trait KeyIndex extends AnyRef

  146. final case class LinePosition(path: String, startLine: Int) extends FilePosition with Product with Serializable

  147. final case class LineRange(start: Int, end: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  148. trait LineReader extends AnyRef

  149. final case class LoadBuildConfiguration(stagingDirectory: File, classpath: Seq[Attributed[File]], loader: ClassLoader, compilers: Compilers, evalPluginDef: (BuildStructure, State) ⇒ PluginData, definesClass: (File) ⇒ (String) ⇒ Boolean, delegates: (LoadedBuild) ⇒ (Scope) ⇒ Seq[Scope], scopeLocal: (Def.ScopedKey[_]) ⇒ Seq[Def.Setting[_]], pluginManagement: PluginManagement, injectSettings: InjectSettings, globalPlugin: Option[GlobalPlugin], extraBuilds: Seq[URI], log: Logger) extends Product with Serializable

  150. final class LoadedBuild extends AnyRef

  151. final class LoadedBuildUnit extends BuildUnitBase

  152. final class LoadedDefinitions extends AnyRef

  153. final class LoadedPlugins extends AnyRef

  154. final case class LocalProject(project: String) extends ProjectReference with Product with Serializable

    Identifies a project in the current build context.

  155. final class Log extends LogEvent

  156. sealed trait LogEvent extends NotNull

  157. trait LogManager extends AnyRef

  158. case class LoggedOutput(logger: Logger) extends OutputStrategy with Product with Serializable

    Logs the forked standard output at the info level and the forked standard error at the error level.

  159. trait Logger extends xsbti.Logger

    This is intended to be the simplest logging interface for use by code that wants to log.

  160. class LoggerReporter extends Reporter

  161. class LoggerWriter extends Writer

    Provides a interface to a Logger.

  162. class MakePom extends AnyRef

  163. final case class MakePomConfiguration(file: File, moduleInfo: ModuleInfo, configurations: Option[Seq[Configuration]] = scala.None, extra: NodeSeq = scala.xml.NodeSeq.Empty, process: (scala.xml.Node) ⇒ scala.xml.Node = ((n: scala.xml.Node) => n), filterRepositories: (MavenRepository) ⇒ Boolean = ..., allRepositories: Boolean, includeTypes: Set[String] = ...) extends Product with Serializable

  164. final case class Mapped[T, K[L[x]]](in: K[Task], f: (K[Result]) ⇒ T, alist: AList[K]) extends Action[T] with Product with Serializable

    Applies a function to the result of evaluating a heterogeneous list of other tasks.

  165. trait Mapper extends AnyRef

  166. sealed case class MavenRepository(name: String, root: String) extends Resolver with Product with Serializable

  167. final class MessageOnlyException extends RuntimeException

  168. sealed trait ModifiedFileInfo extends FileInfo

  169. final case class ModuleConfiguration(organization: String, name: String, revision: String, resolver: Resolver) extends Product with Serializable

  170. trait ModuleFilter extends SubDepFilter[ModuleID, ModuleFilter]

  171. final case class ModuleID(organization: String, name: String, revision: String, configurations: Option[String] = scala.None, isChanging: Boolean = false, isTransitive: Boolean = true, isForce: Boolean = false, explicitArtifacts: Seq[Artifact] = immutable.this.Nil, exclusions: Seq[ExclusionRule] = immutable.this.Nil, extraAttributes: Map[String, String] = ..., crossVersion: CrossVersion = CrossVersion.Disabled) extends Product with Serializable

  172. final case class ModuleInfo(nameFormal: String, description: String = "", homepage: Option[URL] = scala.None, startYear: Option[Int] = scala.None, licenses: Seq[(String, URL)] = immutable.this.Nil, organizationName: String = "", organizationHomepage: Option[URL] = scala.None, scmInfo: Option[ScmInfo] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

    Additional information about a project module

  173. final class ModuleReport extends AnyRef

    Provides information about the resolution of a module.

  174. sealed trait ModuleSettings extends AnyRef

  175. final class MultiHandler[S, T] extends AnyRef

  176. class MultiLogger extends BasicLogger

  177. final case class MultiLoggerConfig(console: AbstractLogger, backed: AbstractLogger, extra: List[AbstractLogger], screenLevel: Level.Value, backingLevel: Level.Value, screenTrace: Int, backingTrace: Int) extends Product with Serializable

  178. trait NameFilter extends FileFilter with NotNull

    A filter on Strings.

  179. trait Node[A[_], T] extends AnyRef

    Represents a task node in a format understood by the task evaluation engine Execute.

  180. class NotInCache extends RuntimeException

  181. trait OpenFile[T] extends Using[File, T]

  182. sealed abstract class OutputStrategy extends AnyRef

    Configures where the standard output and error streams from a forked process go.

  183. trait PMap[K[_], V[_]] extends ~>[K, V] with RMap[K, V]

  184. sealed trait PackageOption extends AnyRef

  185. trait Param[A[_], B[_]] extends AnyRef

  186. final class ParsedKey extends AnyRef

  187. final class PartBuild extends AnyRef

  188. final class PartBuildUnit extends BuildUnitBase

  189. trait PathExtra extends Alternatives with Mapper with PathLow

  190. sealed abstract class PathFinder extends AnyRef

    A path finder constructs a set of paths.

  191. trait PathLow extends AnyRef

  192. final class PatternFilter extends NameFilter

    A NameFilter that accepts a name if it matches the regular expression defined by pattern.

  193. final class Patterns extends AnyRef

  194. sealed abstract class PatternsBasedRepository extends Resolver

    sbt interface to an Ivy repository based on patterns, which is most Ivy repositories.

  195. sealed trait PlainFileInfo extends FileInfo

  196. trait Plugin extends AnyRef

  197. final case class PluginData(dependencyClasspath: Seq[Attributed[File]], definitionClasspath: Seq[Attributed[File]], resolvers: Option[Seq[Resolver]], report: Option[UpdateReport], scalacOptions: Seq[String]) extends Product with Serializable

  198. final case class PluginManagement(overrides: Set[ModuleID], applyOverrides: Set[ModuleID], loader: PluginClassLoader, initialLoader: ClassLoader, context: Context) extends Product with Serializable

  199. final case class PomConfiguration(file: File, ivyScala: Option[IvyScala], validate: Boolean, autoScalaTools: Boolean = true) extends ModuleSettings with Product with Serializable

  200. trait Process extends NotNull

    Represents a process that is running or has finished running.

  201. trait ProcessBuilder extends SourcePartialBuilder with SinkPartialBuilder

    Represents a runnable process.

  202. trait ProcessExtra extends AnyRef

  203. final class ProcessIO extends NotNull

    Each method will be called in a separate thread.

  204. trait ProcessLogger extends AnyRef

  205. sealed trait Project extends ProjectDefinition[ProjectReference]

  206. sealed trait ProjectDefinition[PR <: ProjectReference] extends AnyRef

  207. trait ProjectExtra extends AnyRef

  208. final class ProjectNavigation extends AnyRef

  209. final case class ProjectRef(build: URI, project: String) extends ProjectReference with ResolvedReference with Product with Serializable

    Uniquely references a project by a URI and a project identifier String.

  210. sealed trait ProjectReference extends Reference

    Identifies a project.

  211. class ProjectResolver extends ResolverAdapter

    A Resolver that uses a predefined mapping from module ids to in-memory descriptors.

  212. final class PublishConfiguration extends AnyRef

  213. final case class Pure[T](f: () ⇒ T, inline: Boolean) extends Action[T] with Product with Serializable

    A direct computation of a value.

  214. trait RMap[K[_], V[_]] extends AnyRef

  215. final case class RangePosition(path: String, range: LineRange) extends FilePosition with Product with Serializable

  216. final class RawRepository extends Resolver

  217. final case class Reboot(scalaVersion: String, argsList: Seq[String], app: xsbti.ApplicationID, baseDirectory: File) extends xsbti.Reboot with Product with Serializable

  218. sealed trait Reference extends AnyRef

    Identifies a project or build.

  219. trait Relation[A, B] extends AnyRef

    Binary relation between A and B.

  220. final class ResolveException extends RuntimeException

  221. final case class ResolvedClasspathDependency(project: ProjectRef, configuration: Option[String]) extends ClasspathDep[ProjectRef] with Product with Serializable

  222. sealed trait ResolvedProject extends ProjectDefinition[ProjectRef]

  223. sealed trait ResolvedReference extends Reference

    A fully resolved, unique identifier for a project or build.

  224. sealed trait Resolver extends AnyRef

  225. abstract class ResolverAdapter extends DependencyResolver

  226. class Resources extends AnyRef

  227. class ResourcesException extends Exception

  228. sealed trait Result[+T] extends AnyRef

    Result of completely evaluating a task.

  229. final class RetrieveConfiguration extends AnyRef

  230. final class RichFile extends AnyRef

  231. class RichURI extends AnyRef

    Extends URI with additional convenience methods.

  232. final case class RootProject(build: URI) extends ProjectReference with Product with Serializable

    Identifies the root project in the specified build.

  233. class Run extends ScalaRun

  234. trait SBinaryFormats extends CollectionTypes with JavaFormats

  235. final class ScalaInstance extends xsbti.compile.ScalaInstance

    Represents the source for Scala classes for a given version.

  236. trait ScalaRun extends AnyRef

  237. final case class ScalaVersion(full: String, binary: String) extends Product with Serializable

  238. final case class ScmInfo(browseUrl: URL, connection: String, devConnection: Option[String] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

    Basic SCM information for a project module

  239. final case class Scope(project: ScopeAxis[Reference], config: ScopeAxis[ConfigKey], task: ScopeAxis[AttributeKey[_]], extra: ScopeAxis[AttributeMap]) extends Product with Serializable

  240. sealed trait ScopeAxis[+S] extends AnyRef

  241. final case class ScopeMask(project: Boolean = true, config: Boolean = true, task: Boolean = true, extra: Boolean = true) extends Product with Serializable

    Specifies the Scope axes that should be used for an operation.

  242. sealed trait Scoped extends AnyRef

  243. final case class ScopedKeyData[A](scoped: Def.ScopedKey[A], value: Any) extends Product with Serializable

  244. sealed trait ScopedTaskable[T] extends Scoped

    A common type for SettingKey and TaskKey so that both can be used as inputs to tasks.

  245. final class ScriptMain extends AppMain

  246. final case class Select[S](s: S) extends ScopeAxis[S] with Product with Serializable

  247. final case class SessionSettings(currentBuild: URI, currentProject: Map[URI, String], original: Seq[Def.Setting[_]], append: SessionMap, rawAppend: Seq[Def.Setting[_]], currentEval: () ⇒ Eval) extends Product with Serializable

  248. final class SetLevel extends LogEvent

  249. final class SetSuccess extends LogEvent

  250. final class SetTrace extends LogEvent

  251. case class SettingGraph(name: String, definedIn: Option[String], data: Option[ScopedKeyData[_]], description: Option[String], basedir: File, depends: Set[SettingGraph]) extends Product with Serializable

  252. sealed abstract class SettingKey[T] extends ScopedTaskable[T] with sbt.Def.KeyedInitialize[T] with ScopingSetting[SettingKey[T]] with DefinableSetting[T]

    Identifies a setting.

  253. sealed trait Settings[Scope] extends AnyRef

  254. final case class SftpRepository(name: String, connection: SshConnection, patterns: Patterns) extends SshBasedRepository with Product with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy repository over sftp.

  255. trait Show[T] extends AnyRef

  256. final class SimpleFileFilter extends FileFilter

    A FileFilter that selects files according the predicate acceptFunction.

  257. final class SimpleFilter extends NameFilter

    A NameFilter that accepts a name if the predicate acceptFunction accepts it.

  258. class SimpleReader extends JLine

  259. trait SinkPartialBuilder extends NotNull

  260. trait SourcePartialBuilder extends NotNull

  261. sealed trait SourcePosition extends AnyRef

  262. sealed abstract class SshBasedRepository extends PatternsBasedRepository

    sbt interface for an Ivy ssh-based repository (ssh and sftp).

  263. final case class SshRepository(name: String, connection: SshConnection, patterns: Patterns, publishPermissions: Option[String]) extends SshBasedRepository with Product with Serializable

    sbt interface for an Ivy repository over ssh.

  264. final case class State(configuration: AppConfiguration, definedCommands: Seq[Command], exitHooks: Set[ExitHook], onFailure: Option[String], remainingCommands: Seq[String], history: History, attributes: AttributeMap, globalLogging: GlobalLogging, next: Next) extends Identity with Product with Serializable

    Data structure representing all command execution information.

  265. trait StateOps extends AnyRef

    Convenience methods for State transformations and operations.

  266. final class StructureIndex extends AnyRef

  267. sealed trait SubDepFilter[Arg, Self <: SubDepFilter[Arg, Self]] extends DependencyFilter

  268. final class Success extends LogEvent

  269. final class SuiteResult extends AnyRef

    Provides the overall result of a group of tests (a suite) and test counts for each result type.

  270. final class SuppressedTraceContext extends AnyRef

  271. final case class Task[T](info: Info[T], work: Action[T]) extends Product with Serializable

    Combines metadata info and a computation work to define a task.

  272. sealed abstract class TaskKey[T] extends ScopedTaskable[T] with sbt.Def.KeyedInitialize[Task[T]] with ScopingSetting[TaskKey[T]] with DefinableTask[T]

    Identifies a task.

  273. trait TaskMacroExtra extends AnyRef

  274. final class TestDefinition extends AnyRef

  275. abstract class TestEvent extends AnyRef

  276. case class TestFramework(implClassNames: String*) extends Product with Serializable

  277. abstract class TestFunction extends AnyRef

  278. class TestLogger extends TestsListener

  279. final class TestLogging extends AnyRef

  280. sealed trait TestOption extends AnyRef

  281. trait TestReportListener extends AnyRef

  282. final class TestRunner extends AnyRef

  283. final class TestsFailedException extends RuntimeException with FeedbackProvidedException

  284. trait TestsListener extends TestReportListener

  285. class Timestamp extends Tracked

  286. final class Trace extends LogEvent

  287. trait Tracked extends AnyRef

  288. sealed class TranslatedException extends RuntimeException

  289. final class TranslatedIOException extends TranslatedException

  290. final class Triggers[A[_]] extends AnyRef

  291. trait TypeFunctions extends AnyRef

  292. trait Types extends TypeFunctions

  293. trait URLPartialBuilder extends SourcePartialBuilder

  294. final case class URLRepository(name: String, patterns: Patterns) extends PatternsBasedRepository with Product with Serializable

  295. final class UninitializedVal extends RuntimeException

    An exception to indicate that while traversing the vals for an instance of className, the val named valName was null.

  296. trait UnionImplicits extends AnyRef

  297. trait UnprintableException extends Throwable

    A marker trait for a top-level exception handler to know that this exception doesn't make sense to display.

  298. final class UpdateConfiguration extends AnyRef

  299. final class UpdateReport extends AnyRef

    Provides information about dependency resolution.

  300. final class UpdateStats extends AnyRef

  301. abstract class Using[Source, T] extends AnyRef

  302. final case class Value[+T](value: T) extends Result[T] with Product with Serializable

    Indicates the task completed normally and produced the given value.

  303. final class WatchState extends AnyRef

  304. trait Watched extends AnyRef

  305. abstract class WrapUsing[Source, T] extends Using[Source, T]

  306. final class xMain extends AppMain

    This class is the entry point for sbt.

  307. trait ~>[-A[_], +B[_]] extends AnyRef

  308. sealed trait Doc extends AnyRef


    (Since version 0.13.0) No longer used. See Doc.javadoc or Doc.scaladoc

  309. final case class EmptyConfiguration(module: ModuleID, moduleInfo: ModuleInfo, ivyScala: Option[IvyScala], validate: Boolean) extends ModuleSettings with Product with Serializable


    (Since version 0.13.0) Define a module using inline Scala (InlineConfiguration), a pom.xml (PomConfiguration), or an ivy.xml (IvyFileConfiguration).

  310. trait ForkJava extends AnyRef


    (Since version 0.13.0) Use ForkOptions

  311. trait ForkScala extends ForkJava


    (Since version 0.13.0) Use ForkOptions

  312. trait ForkScalaRun extends ForkScala


    (Since version 0.13.0) Use ForkOptions

  313. final class Javadoc extends Doc


    (Since version 0.13.0) No longer used. See Doc.javadoc

  314. final class Scaladoc extends Doc


    (Since version 0.13.0) No longer used. See Doc.scaladoc

Value Members

  1. object AList

  2. object Act

  3. object AddSettings

  4. object Aggregation

  5. object AllPassFilter extends NameFilter

    A NameFilter that accepts all names.

  6. object Alternatives extends Alternatives

  7. object Append

  8. object ApplicationID extends Serializable

  9. object Artifact extends Serializable

  10. object AttributeKey

  11. object AttributeMap

  12. object Attributed extends Serializable

  13. object BasicCommandStrings

  14. object BasicCommands

  15. object BasicIO

  16. object BasicKeys

  17. object Build

  18. object BuildDependencies

  19. object BuildLoader

  20. object BuildPaths

  21. object BuildStreams

  22. object BuildUtil

  23. object BuiltinCommands

  24. object Cache extends CacheImplicits

  25. object CacheIO

  26. object CacheIvy

    InputCaches for IvyConfiguration, ModuleSettings, and UpdateConfiguration The InputCaches for a basic data structure is built in two parts.

  27. object ChangeReport

  28. object ClassToAPI

  29. object Classes

  30. object ClasspathOptions extends Serializable

  31. object Classpaths

  32. object Command

  33. object CommandStrings

  34. object CommandUtil

  35. object CompileSetup

  36. object Compiler

  37. object CompletionService

  38. object ComponentManager

  39. object ConcurrentRestrictions

  40. object ConfigKey extends Serializable

  41. object Configurations

  42. object ConflictManager extends Serializable

    See http://ant.

  43. object ConflictWarning extends Serializable

  44. object Console

  45. object ConsoleLogger

  46. object ConsoleOut

  47. object ConsoleProject

  48. object ControlEvent extends Enumeration

  49. object Credentials

  50. object Cross

  51. object CrossVersion

  52. object CustomPomParser

  53. object Dag

  54. object Def extends Init[Scope] with TaskMacroExtra

    A concrete settings system that uses sbt.Scope for the scope type.

  55. object DefaultMavenRepository extends MavenRepository

  56. object DefaultOptions

  57. object Defaults extends BuildCommon

  58. object DependencyFilter extends DependencyFilterExtra

  59. object Difference

  60. object DirectoryFilter extends FileFilter

    A FileFilter that selects files that are a directory according to

  61. object Doc

  62. object DotGraph

  63. object ErrorHandling

  64. object EvaluateConfigurations

  65. object EvaluateTask

  66. object EvaluationState extends Enumeration

  67. object ExistsFileFilter extends FileFilter

    A FileFilter that selects files that exist according to

  68. object ExitHook

  69. object ExitHooks

  70. object ExternalIvyConfiguration

  71. object FileFilter

  72. object FileFunction

  73. object FileInfo

  74. object FilesInfo extends Serializable

  75. object Fork

  76. object FullLogger

  77. object GlobFilter

    Constructs a filter from a String, interpreting wildcards.

  78. object Global extends ScopeAxis[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

  79. object GlobalLogBacking extends Serializable

  80. object GlobalLogging extends Serializable

  81. object GlobalPlugin extends Serializable

  82. object Graph

  83. object HList

  84. object HNil extends HNil

  85. object Hash

  86. object Help

  87. object HiddenFileFilter extends FileFilter

    A FileFilter that selects files that are hidden according to or if they start with a dot (.).

  88. object Highlight

  89. object IDSet

  90. object IMap

  91. object IO

    A collection of File, URL, and I/O utility methods.

  92. object IfMissing

  93. object Incomplete extends Enumeration

  94. object Index

  95. object Info extends Serializable

  96. object InlineConfiguration extends Serializable

  97. object InputCache

  98. object InputKey

    Constructs InputKeys, which are associated with input tasks to define a setting.

  99. object InputTask

  100. object Inspect

  101. object IvyActions

  102. object IvyConfiguration

  103. object IvyConsole

  104. object IvyRetrieve

  105. object JavaNet1Repository extends JavaNet1Repository

  106. object JavaNet2Repository extends MavenRepository

  107. object KNil extends KNil with Product with Serializable

  108. object KeyIndex

  109. object KeyRanks

  110. object Keys

  111. object Level extends Enumeration

    An enumeration defining the levels available for logging.

  112. object Load

  113. object LocalRootProject extends ProjectReference with Product with Serializable

    Identifies the root project in the current build context.

  114. object LogManager

  115. object Logger

  116. object LoggerReporter

  117. object MainLogging

  118. object MainLoop

  119. object ModuleConfiguration extends Serializable

  120. object ModuleID extends Serializable

  121. object ModuleSettings

  122. object ModuleUtilities

  123. object NameFilter

  124. object NoPosition extends SourcePosition with Product with Serializable

  125. object NothingFilter extends NameFilter

    A NameFilter that accepts nothing.

  126. object Opts

    Options for well-known tasks.

  127. object Output

  128. object PMap

  129. object Pack

  130. object Package

  131. object Param

  132. object Path extends PathExtra

  133. object PathFinder

  134. object Patterns

  135. object PluginData extends Serializable

  136. object PluginManagement extends Serializable

  137. object Previous

  138. object Process extends ProcessExtra

    Methods for constructing simple commands that can then be combined.

  139. object Project extends ProjectExtra

  140. object ProjectNavigation

  141. object ProjectRef extends Serializable

  142. object RawCompileLike

  143. object Reference

  144. object ReflectUtilities

  145. object Relation

  146. object RepositoryHelpers

  147. object Resolve

  148. object Resolver

  149. object Resolvers

  150. object Resources

  151. object Result

  152. object RetrieveUnit

  153. object RichURI

  154. object RootProject extends Serializable

  155. object Run

    This module is an interface to starting the scala interpreter or runner.

  156. object SbtArtifacts

  157. object ScalaArtifacts

  158. object ScalaInstance

  159. object ScalaKeywords

  160. object Scope extends Serializable

  161. object ScopeAxis

  162. object ScopeFilter

  163. object Scoped

    Methods and types related to constructing settings, including keys, scopes, and initializations.

  164. object Script

  165. object SelectMainClass

  166. object SessionSettings extends Serializable

  167. object SessionVar

  168. object SettingGraph extends Serializable

  169. object SettingKey

    Constructs SettingKeys, which are associated with a value to define a basic setting.

  170. object Show

  171. object SignJar

    This is somewhat of a mess and is not entirely correct.

  172. object Signals

  173. object SimpleReader extends SimpleReader

  174. object SourceModificationWatch

  175. object StackTrace

  176. object StandardMain

  177. object State extends Serializable

  178. object StdoutOutput extends OutputStrategy with Product with Serializable

    Configures the forked standard output to go to standard output of this process and for the forked standard error to go to the standard error of this process.

  179. object StringUtilities

  180. object SuiteResult

  181. object Sync

    Maintains a set of mappings so that they are uptodate.

  182. object Tags

  183. object TaskKey

    Constructs TaskKeys, which are associated with tasks to define a setting.

  184. object TestEvent

  185. object TestFramework extends Serializable

  186. object TestFrameworks

  187. object TestLogger

  188. object TestResult extends Enumeration

  189. object Tests

  190. object This extends ScopeAxis[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

  191. object ThisBuild extends BuildReference with Product with Serializable

    Identifies the build for the current context.

  192. object ThisProject extends ProjectReference with Product with Serializable

    Identifies the project for the current context.

  193. object Tracked

  194. object TrapExit

    Provides an approximation to isolated execution within a single JVM.

  195. object TypeFunctions extends TypeFunctions

  196. object Types extends Types

  197. object Uncloseable

  198. object UpdateLogging extends Enumeration

    Configures logging during an 'update'.

  199. object UpdateReport

  200. object Using

  201. object Util

  202. object WatchState

  203. object Watched

  204. package appmacro

  205. package classpath

  206. package compiler

  207. package complete

  208. package cross

  209. package impl

  210. package inc

  211. package std

  212. object ~>