package boot

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Type Members

  1. final class AppConfiguration extends xsbti.AppConfiguration

  2. final case class AppID(groupID: String, name: String, version: String, mainClass: String, mainComponents: Array[String], crossVersionedValue: CrossValue, classpathExtra: Array[File]) extends ApplicationID with Product with Serializable

  3. final case class AppProperty(name: String)(quick: Option[PropertyInit], create: Option[PropertyInit], fill: Option[PropertyInit]) extends Product with Serializable

  4. final case class Application(groupID: String, name: String, version: Value[String], main: String, components: List[String], crossVersioned: CrossValue, classpathExtra: Array[File]) extends Product with Serializable

  5. class BootException extends RuntimeException

  6. final case class BootSetup(directory: File, lock: Boolean, properties: File, search: Search, promptCreate: String, enableQuick: Boolean, promptFill: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  7. final class Cache[K, X, V] extends AnyRef

  8. final case class Classifiers(forScala: Value[List[String]], app: Value[List[String]]) extends Product with Serializable

  9. class ComponentProvider extends xsbti.ComponentProvider

  10. class ConfigurationParser extends AnyRef

  11. class Enumeration extends AnyRef

  12. final class Explicit[T] extends Value[T]

  13. class Find extends AnyRef

  14. final class Implicit[T] extends Value[T]

  15. final case class IvyOptions(ivyHome: Option[File], classifiers: Classifiers, repositories: List[Repository], checksums: List[String], isOverrideRepositories: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  16. final class Labeled extends Line

  17. class Launch extends Launcher

  18. final case class LaunchConfiguration(scalaVersion: Value[String], ivyConfiguration: IvyOptions, app: Application, boot: BootSetup, logging: Logging, appProperties: List[AppProperty]) extends Product with Serializable

  19. sealed trait Line extends AnyRef

  20. sealed class ListMap[K, V] extends Iterable[(K, V)]

  21. final class Logging extends AnyRef

  22. final class ModuleDefinition extends AnyRef

  23. class ParseException extends BootException

  24. class PlainApplication extends AppMain

    A wrapper around 'raw' static methods to meet the sbt application interface.

  25. final class PromptProperty extends PropertyInit

  26. sealed trait PropertyInit extends AnyRef

  27. final class ResolveValues extends AnyRef

  28. final class RetrievedModule extends AnyRef

  29. final class RunConfiguration extends AnyRef

  30. final case class Search(tpe: Search.Value, paths: List[File]) extends Product with Serializable

  31. final class Section extends Line

  32. final class SetProperty extends PropertyInit

  33. final class Update extends AnyRef

    Ensures that the Scala and application jars exist for the given versions or else downloads them.

  34. final class UpdateApp extends UpdateTarget

  35. final class UpdateConfiguration extends AnyRef

  36. final class UpdateResult extends AnyRef

  37. final class UpdateScala extends UpdateTarget

  38. sealed trait UpdateTarget extends AnyRef

  39. sealed trait Value[T] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Application extends Serializable

  2. object Boot

  3. object CheckProxy

  4. object Classifiers extends Serializable

  5. object Comment extends Line

  6. object ComponentProvider

  7. object Configuration

  8. object ConfigurationParser

  9. object Copy

  10. object CrossVersionUtil

  11. object Find

  12. object GetLocks

  13. object Initialize

  14. object JAnsi

  15. object Launch

  16. object LaunchCrossVersion

  17. object Launcher

  18. object ListMap

  19. object Loaders

  20. object Locks extends GlobalLock

  21. object LogLevel extends Enumeration

  22. object ParseLine

  23. object PlainApplication

    An object that lets us detect compatible "plain" applications and launch them reflectively.

  24. object Pre

  25. object Repository

  26. object ResolvePaths

  27. object ResolveValues

  28. object Search extends Enumeration with Serializable

  29. object Using

  30. object Value

  31. package test