package compiler

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  1. class AggressiveCompile extends AnyRef

  2. final class AnalyzingCompiler extends CachedCompilerProvider

    Interface to the Scala compiler that uses the dependency analysis plugin.

  3. final class CompileConfiguration extends AnyRef

  4. class CompileFailed extends xsbti.CompileFailed with FeedbackProvidedException

  5. final class CompilerArguments extends AnyRef

    Forms the list of options that is passed to the compiler from the required inputs and other options.

  6. trait CompilerInterfaceProvider extends AnyRef

  7. class ComponentCompiler extends AnyRef

    This class provides source components compiled with the provided RawCompiler.

  8. final class Eval extends AnyRef

  9. final class EvalDefinitions extends AnyRef

    The result of evaluating a group of Scala definitions.

  10. final class EvalException extends RuntimeException

  11. final class EvalImports extends AnyRef

  12. final class EvalResult extends AnyRef

    The result of evaluating a Scala expression.

  13. trait JavaCompiler extends xsbti.compile.JavaCompiler

  14. trait JavaTool extends Javadoc with JavaCompiler

  15. abstract class JavacContract extends AnyRef

  16. trait Javadoc extends AnyRef

  17. class RawCompiler extends AnyRef

    A basic interface to the compiler.