/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
 * Copyright 2011 Sanjin Sehic

package sbt

import java.net.URI

/** Extends `URI` with additional convenience methods. */
class RichURI(uri: URI)
	/** Provides a case-class-like `copy` method for URI.
	* Note that this method simply passes the individual components of this URI to the URI constructor 
	* that accepts each component individually.  It is thus limited by the implementation restrictions of the relevant methods.*/
	def copy(scheme: String = uri.getScheme, userInfo: String = uri.getUserInfo,
					 host: String = uri.getHost, port: Int = uri.getPort, path: String = uri.getPath,
					 query: String = uri.getQuery, fragment: String = uri.getFragment) =
		new URI(scheme, userInfo, host, port, path, query, fragment)

	/** Returns `true` if the fragment of the URI is defined. */
	def hasFragment = uri.getFragment ne null

	/** Returns a copy of the URI without the fragment. */
	def withoutFragment =
		if (hasFragment)
			new URI(uri.getScheme, uri.getSchemeSpecificPart, null)

	/** Returns `true` if the scheme specific part of the URI is also a valid URI. */
	def hasMarkerScheme = new URI(uri.getRawSchemeSpecificPart).getScheme ne null

	/** Strips the wrapper scheme from this URI.
	* If the URI has a fragment, the fragment is transferred to the wrapped URI.
	* If this URI does not have a marker scheme, it is returned unchanged.*/
	def withoutMarkerScheme =
		if (hasMarkerScheme)
			if (hasFragment)
				new URI(uri.getRawSchemeSpecificPart + "#" + uri.getRawFragment)
				new URI(uri.getRawSchemeSpecificPart)

object RichURI
	/** Provides additional convenience methods for `uri`. */
	implicit def fromURI(uri: URI): RichURI = new RichURI(uri)