package api

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Type Members

  1. trait APIFormats extends FormatExtra

  2. class DefaultAPIFormats extends APIFormats

  3. final case class Discovered(baseClasses: Set[String], annotations: Set[String], hasMain: Boolean, isModule: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

  4. class Discovery extends AnyRef

  5. trait FormatExtra extends AnyRef

  6. final class HashAPI extends AnyRef

  7. final class InputWrapperStream extends InputStream

  8. class NameChanges extends AnyRef

  9. final class OutputWrapperStream extends OutputStream

  10. trait References extends AnyRef

  11. class SameAPI extends AnyRef

    Used to implement API equality.

  12. trait Show[A] extends AnyRef

  13. trait ShowBase extends AnyRef

  14. trait ShowBasicTypes extends AnyRef

  15. trait ShowDefinition extends AnyRef

  16. trait ShowDefinitions extends AnyRef

  17. final class ShowLazy[A] extends Show[A]

  18. trait ShowPath extends AnyRef

  19. trait ShowType extends AnyRef

  20. trait ShowTypeParameters extends AnyRef

  21. trait ShowTypes extends AnyRef

  22. trait ShowValueParameters extends AnyRef

  23. class Visit extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object APIUtil

  2. object CompilationFormat extends Format[Compilation]

  3. object DefaultShowAPI extends ShowBase with ShowBasicTypes with ShowValueParameters

  4. object Discovered extends Serializable

  5. object Discovery

  6. object HashAPI

  7. object SameAPI

    Checks the API of two source files for equality.

  8. object ShowAPI

  9. object SourceFormat extends Format[Source]

  10. object TopLevel