package std

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Type Members

  1. sealed trait BinaryPipe extends AnyRef

  2. trait CloseableStreams[Key] extends Streams[Key] with Closeable

  3. sealed trait ForkTask[S, CC[_]] extends AnyRef

  4. sealed abstract class InputEvaluated[T] extends AnyRef

  5. sealed trait JoinTask[S, CC[_]] extends AnyRef

  6. sealed abstract class MacroValue[T] extends AnyRef

  7. trait ManagedStreams[Key] extends TaskStreams[Key]

  8. sealed trait MultiInTask[K[L[x]]] extends AnyRef

  9. sealed abstract class ParserInput[T] extends AnyRef

  10. sealed abstract class ParserInputTask[T] extends AnyRef

  11. sealed trait ProcessPipe extends AnyRef

  12. sealed trait SingleInTask[S] extends AnyRef

  13. trait Streams[Key] extends AnyRef

  14. trait TaskExtra extends AnyRef

  15. sealed trait TaskInfo[S] extends AnyRef

  16. sealed trait TaskLines extends AnyRef

  17. sealed trait TaskStreams[Key] extends AnyRef

  18. sealed trait TextPipe extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object FullConvert extends Convert

    Converts an input Tree of type Initialize[T], Initialize[Task[T]], or Task[T] into a Tree of type Initialize[Task[T]].

  2. object FullInstance extends Composed[Def.Initialize, Task] with MonadInstance

    Composes the Task and Initialize Instances to provide an Instance for [T] Initialize[Task[T]].

  3. object InitParserConvert extends Convert

    Converts an input Tree of type State => Parser[T] or Initialize[State => Parser[T]] into a Tree of type Initialize[State => Parser[T]].

  4. object InitializeConvert extends Convert

  5. object InitializeInstance extends MonadInstance

  6. object InputInitConvert extends Convert

  7. object InputWrapper

    Implementation detail.

  8. object ParserConvert extends Convert

    Converts an input Tree of type Parser[T] or State => Parser[T] into a Tree of type State => Parser[T].

  9. object ParserInput

    Implementation detail.

  10. object ParserInstance extends Instance

  11. object PlainTaskMacro

  12. object SettingMacro

  13. object Streams

  14. object TaskConvert extends Convert

    Convert instance for plain Tasks not within the settings system.

  15. object TaskExtra extends TaskExtra

  16. object TaskInstance extends MonadInstance

    Instance for the monad/applicative functor for plain Tasks.

  17. object TaskMacro

  18. object Transform