/* sbt -- Simple Build Tool
 * Copyright 2011 Mark Harrah
package sbt

	import java.io.File
	import java.util.Date

	import org.apache.ivy.{core,plugins}
	import core.{cache,module, report, resolve,search}
	import cache.{ArtifactOrigin,RepositoryCacheManager}
	import search.{ModuleEntry, OrganisationEntry, RevisionEntry}
	import module.id.ModuleRevisionId
	import module.descriptor.{Artifact => IArtifact, DefaultArtifact, DependencyDescriptor, ModuleDescriptor}
	import plugins.namespace.Namespace
	import plugins.resolver.{DependencyResolver,ResolverSettings}
	import report.{ArtifactDownloadReport, DownloadReport, DownloadStatus, MetadataArtifactDownloadReport}
	import resolve.{DownloadOptions, ResolveData, ResolvedModuleRevision}

/**A Resolver that uses a predefined mapping from module ids to in-memory descriptors.
* It does not handle artifacts.*/
class ProjectResolver(name: String, map: Map[ModuleRevisionId, ModuleDescriptor]) extends ResolverAdapter
	def getName = name
	def setName(name: String) = error("Setting name not supported by ProjectResolver")
	override def toString = "ProjectResolver(" + name + ", mapped: " + map.keys.mkString(", ") + ")"

	def getDependency(dd: DependencyDescriptor, data: ResolveData): ResolvedModuleRevision =
		val revisionId = dd.getDependencyRevisionId
		def constructResult(descriptor: ModuleDescriptor) = new ResolvedModuleRevision(this, this, descriptor, report(revisionId), true)
		val dep = (map get revisionId map constructResult).orNull

	def report(revisionId: ModuleRevisionId): MetadataArtifactDownloadReport =
		val artifact = DefaultArtifact.newIvyArtifact(revisionId, new Date)
		val r = new MetadataArtifactDownloadReport(artifact)

	// this resolver nevers locates artifacts, only resolves dependencies
	def exists(artifact: IArtifact) = false
	def locate(artifact: IArtifact) = null
	def download(artifacts: Array[IArtifact], options: DownloadOptions): DownloadReport =
		new DownloadReport
	def download(artifact: ArtifactOrigin, options: DownloadOptions): ArtifactDownloadReport  =
	def findIvyFileRef(dd: DependencyDescriptor, data: ResolveData) = null

	def notDownloaded(artifact: IArtifact): ArtifactDownloadReport=
		val r = new ArtifactDownloadReport(artifact)

	// doesn't support publishing
	def publish(artifact: IArtifact, src: File, overwrite: Boolean) = error("Publish not supported by ProjectResolver")
	def beginPublishTransaction(module: ModuleRevisionId, overwrite: Boolean) {}
	def abortPublishTransaction() {}
	def commitPublishTransaction() {}

	def reportFailure()  {}
	def reportFailure(art: IArtifact)  {}

	def listOrganisations() = new Array[OrganisationEntry](0)
	def listModules(org: OrganisationEntry) = new Array[ModuleEntry](0)
	def listRevisions(module: ModuleEntry) = new Array[RevisionEntry](0)

	def getNamespace = Namespace.SYSTEM_NAMESPACE

	private[this] var settings: Option[ResolverSettings] = None

	def dumpSettings() {}
	def setSettings(settings: ResolverSettings) { this.settings = Some(settings) }
	def getRepositoryCacheManager = settings match { case Some(s) => s.getDefaultRepositoryCacheManager; case None => error("No settings defined for ProjectResolver") }