package classpath

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Type Members

  1. trait ClassFilter extends AnyRef

  2. class DifferentLoaders extends ClassNotFoundException

  3. final class DualEnumeration[T] extends Enumeration[T]

  4. class DualLoader extends ClassLoader

  5. class ExcludePackagesFilter extends PackageFilter

  6. class FilteredLoader extends ClassLoader

    Delegates class loading to parent for all classes included by filter.

  7. trait FixedResources extends ClassLoader

  8. class IncludePackagesFilter extends PackageFilter

  9. abstract class LoaderBase extends URLClassLoader

    This is a starting point for defining a custom ClassLoader.

  10. final class NativeCopyConfig extends AnyRef

  11. trait NativeCopyLoader extends ClassLoader

  12. final class NullLoader extends ClassLoader

  13. abstract class PackageFilter extends ClassFilter

  14. trait RawResources extends ClassLoader with FixedResources

  15. class SelfFirstLoader extends LoaderBase

    Searches self first before delegating to the parent.

Value Members

  1. object ClasspathUtilities extends AnyRef

  2. object RawURL extends AnyRef