SBT Native Packager Plugin

This sbt plugin provides you with everything you need to package your application. No matter if you want to build a simple standalone application or a server application. The JVM lets you run anywhere. SBT Native Packager lets you deploy everywhere!

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Add the plugin to your plugins.sbt. If you use sbt 0.13.5 or higher the you have just one line to add to your build.sbt:


We provide a set of plugins. One for each supported format and for each archetype. Just select the one you want to use and all other plugins you require are loaded automatically.

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For common use cases we create so called Archetypes. For a standalone application enabling is as simple simple as


The most common archtypes are JavaAppPackaging and JavaServerAppPackaging. Each archetype adds possible new settings which you can adapt to your need.

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Formats & Customize

SBT Native Packager comes with a rich set of packaging formats including zip, tar.gz, debian, rpm, msi and docker. It's as easy as:

sbt debian:packageBin

An archetype doesn't cover what you need? No problem. SBT Native Packager is build on top of a few simple principles so you can customize it in many ways. Adding a custom packaging format or some special files.

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